Evan Favaro at the Airport

What does an American customizer do on a Sunday?

Yes, exactly, he screwed around in his garage, from such a garage dream a few screwdrivers guaranteed. I was once again with Evan Favaro in his workshop in the country in Wallkill on Sunday. There he operates his Speakeasy Motors shop, without annoying neighbors he can build around there until the night.

Evan Favaro is also featured on the new American Chopper Show, often working with Paul Teutul Sr. on his OCC Shop projects.

evan plane 2350He has now bought a new lift and is currently building it himself. At times, he restored some vintage cars for some customers, such as the old Porsche 356s, and it is exactly for these tasks that he needs the lift. His new project is a Willy G. Jeep, of which at the moment only the skeleton stands in the workshop.

However, Mark (sound producer at Discovery) and I have stopped him for the moment, a few Miller Lite cans were a sufficient argument. After some gasoline lab, we flew to eat with his buddy in Parkview House in Wallkill, the store is really highly recommended, great food and very good prices.

At the airport we launch rockets

prototyp bremse 01771Now it’s off to a special location of Evan, a friend of his has a hangar, where not only a cool old plane drinsteht, but also a few more jewelry. Here he has housed his recently built custom bike, with which he was successful at the Daytona Bike Week this year.

The special feature of this machine is the newly developed brakes and spring unit, this is a prototype that he works on, really something very interesting, he has already driven with the prototype 1000 miles.

Then another buddy with his Road King arrives and somehow it became more and more fun, in between launching missiles on the airfield and practicing the Burn Out on the runway with the Road King. It would be completely unthinkable for us, but it also shows that the Americans, in contrast to us, still allowed themselves some fun in life.

We enjoy the atmosphere with smoker and a beautiful sunset on the airfield, so you can imagine Sunday from an American customizer, very relaxed and cool.

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