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100 years of Harley-Davidson clothing

If you ride a Harley, you also wear a Harley - this simple formula has been valid for 100 years now.

In 1912, the Motor Company published the first accessories catalog, which, among other things, offered wool racing jerseys.

The demand for these “jerseys” was so great that stocks had to be increased several times. In the following years, the range of protection against dirt and dust was expanded to include gloves, glasses, jackets, coats and gaiters.

Leather, popular with aviators because of its warming, windproof and robust properties, found its way into the portfolio in 1928, and in 1947 the item of clothing that would become the forefather of all classic HD motorcycle leather jackets appeared in a men's and a women's cut - figure-hugging and streamlined, with stretch pleats on the back Back, diagonal front zip and press studs on collar and pockets.

Seven years later, the company further developed this timeless style with the top sellers “Cycle King” and “Cycle Queen”.

In 1958 the first hard-shell helmets were added to the range.


12-100_years_HD_clothing_05In addition to safety, functionality with features such as ventilation openings and mandarin collars increasingly came into focus in the following decades.

Since the 1980s, the company has also been targeting fashion-conscious customers with leisure clothing and accessories who want to identify themselves as members of the global Harley family and as friends of freedom, individuality and non-conformism.
Today the clothing program is called MotorClothes and is available at more than 1,400 retailers around the world.

The portfolio includes leather and textile motorcycle clothing that was created by bikers for bikers and not only scores with uncompromising protection, maximum comfort and highest functionality, but is also committed to the characteristic Harley style.

Whether helmet, gloves or jacket, whether modern high-tech fabric and membrane technology or cool retro style, whether integrated open face helmet visor or performance glasses technology - nothing is left to chance here.

In the extensive collections for leisure and sports clothing in women's, men's and children's sizes as well as the numerous accessories, everyone who wants to come out as a Harley rider or fan will find what they are looking for, even if they are not currently on the motorcycle or possibly (yet). ) don't own a bike at all.

MotorClothes are available at your nearest Harley-Davidson authorized dealer or at the nearest Harley-Davidson fashion store. Further information on the web at .



Text and images : Copyright Harley-Davidson 2012

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