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As promised, the second part of the Harleysite competition continues. There's another reason to celebrate, because the Harleysite YouTube channel now has over ten thousand subscribers thanks to your subscriptions and that's really great. This means that Creator YouTube Bronze status been achieved, which isn't the best, but it's not bad and you can be happy about it. Your likes and subscriptions are the reward for your work and so that you can enjoy liking even more, here comes the second part of the Harleysite competition .

Müller Motorcycles Parts

Müller Motorcycles sponsors the 1st prize

The first prize is sponsored by Müller Motorcycles , the winner of the 1st prize can choose the desired part from the three Müller Motorcycles parts. There is a choice of lowering for the Milwaukee-Eight , or the Hyper or Hydro Clutch clutch relief, depending on what is needed.

The winner chooses one of these three Müller Motorcycles products and can either have it sent to their home or directly to their Harley-Davidson dealer to have it installed straight away.

Harley-Davidson cans and sign set from Nostalgic-Art
Harley-Davidson cans and sign set from Nostalgic-Art

Nostalgic-Art sponsors 4 Harley-Davidson sets

Places 2 to 5 will again be sets of Harley-Davidson items in the Nostalgic Art . This time, the manufacturer of the popular Harley-Davidson licensed products is putting together a set with Harley-Davidson signs, cans, magnets and an original Harley-Davidson money box. You can win the whole thing 4 times! By the way, this is always a great gift idea buy these items at most Harley-Davidson dealers

Click here to go to the Nostalgic Art Amazon Shop

Special Price! A Dream Machines gift subscription

Dream Machines home for one year You will receive 6 Dream Machines issues sponsored by the Harley site . It is also a good gift idea. You can find more information about this at the following link: Dream Machines gift subscription

How you can take part in the competition!

Hashtag / Subject = #harleysite17

Keep it simple, just send an email with #harleysite17 in the subject line to 17jahre@harleysite.de or comment on the Facebook , Instagram , or YouTube community post with “Harleysite17” under the competition post with #harleysite17 . You can do all three versions, but please only do it once each.

The Harleysite competition part 2 on Friday , December 25th, 2020 at midnight

Legal recourse is excluded. No compensation for the 1st prize

The organizer of the competition is Harleysite.

Shipping to the winners will probably only take place after the lockdown.

The competition is closed

The winners are:

  1. Silke R. – Uslar in Solling
  2. Andreas J. – Food
  3. Markus J. – Enkenbach-Alsenborn
  4. Marco W. – Schwerin
  5. Sabine F. – Easter fun
  6. Ralph R. (special price Dream Machines subscription)

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