30 reasons why motorcycles are better than women:

1. Motorcycles only need an oil change every 3000 km.
2. Your machine's curves never sag.
3. Motorcycles last longer.
4. Motorcycles don't get pregnant.
5. Motorcycles can be ridden any day of the month.
6. Motorcycles have no parents.
7. Motorcycles don't howl when something goes wrong.
8. You can kick your motorcycle to wake it up.
9. You can share your motorcycle with your friends.
10. If your motorcycle makes too much noise, you can buy a silencer.

11. You only need to buy a new belt when it's actually finished.

12. If your motorcycle smokes, you can do something about it.
13. Your motorcycle doesn't care how many others you've ridden.
14. You always arrive with your machine at the same time.
15. Your motorcycle doesn't care if you have other motorcycles.
16. Your motorcycle doesn't care if you look at other motorcycles or buy motorcycle magazines.
17. If your motorcycle breaks down, you can repair it.
18. If your motorcycle is too soft, you can use harder shock absorbers.
19. You can drink a beer while driving.
20. You don't have to deal with blood tests and priests.
21. You don't have to convince your machine that you are a biker and that all bikers are the same.
22. If you insult your machine, you don't have to calm it down again in order to continue driving.
23. You can drive your machine as long as you want.
24. Your parents don't care if you give away your machine.
25. Motorcycles are always good for a ride.
26. Motorcycles don't complain if you're a bad driver.
27. Motorcycles don't care if you're late.
28. Leave your motorcycle outside with other motorcycles for one night.
29. If your machine looks bad you can paint it differently or buy new parts.
30. You can't get diseases from your machine.

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