Dream Machines 2021
Dream Machines 2021

One year of “new” DREAM MACHINES

Exactly a year ago, a small, indomitable group took a big risk. After the Mannheim-based Huber Verlag went bankrupt, the team managed to bring the DREAM-MACHINES magazine back onto the market. This was achieved primarily thanks to the broad support of readers and friends.

By taking out numerous subscriptions in the “Save the Magazine” crowdfunding campaign, it was ultimately possible to preserve DREAM MACHINES as a specialist magazine and mouthpiece for the American V2 scene. It should also be clear that the preservation of such media is more important than ever not only for entertainment and information, but also as a lobby for bikers and motorcycle individualists - especially in times of regulatory madness and scaremongering.  

With DREAM MACHINES 06-21, which has been on sale since September 24th, the subscriptions that were taken out as part of crowdfunding end. The team from Hockenheim would be happy if many of the supporters back then would continue to be there.

The extension of the respective contract is possible simply and informally by telephone at 06205-2568 162 or by email to abo@dream-machines.de . For 44 euros a year (within Germany) you can get six issues of concentrated V2 power, including regular subscription goodies such as posters or stickers, in your mailbox at home.

By the way: From issue 01-22, DREAM MACHINES says goodbye to its old logo after 20 years and appears in a new look - the content of course remains as proven.

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