ADAC camping guide Germany and Northern Europe 2022
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ADAC camping guide Germany and Northern Europe 2022

Camping is becoming more and more luxurious: ADAC Camping awards 5 stars to 158 campsites in Europe

  • 28 new ADAC super places in Europe, 21% growth in the top group
  • Italy remains number 1 in the top group, Croatia is recording the strongest growth
  • Fehmarn Island brings Schleswig-Holstein to the top in Germany

The ADAC has published a new campsite guide for 2022 and has kindly sent us this information. I didn't think the information was bad at all, as I often stayed at campsites on my Harley-Davidson tours. It is definitely a good guide when planning tours.

The advantages of a campsite are obvious: you will find sanitary facilities, a kiosk and, with a bit of luck, often a top location. You are simply closer to nature and this way of traveling is a lot cheaper than staying permanently in hotels.

In Scandinavia there are also huts in the program, which is particularly recommended in bad weather. Unfortunately, wild camping is prohibited in most European countries, which makes the campsite guide interesting again for planning tours. It's no secret that some people travel the world with children and children. Drive to the beautiful places with the camper and the Harley on the trailer and, once there, explore the area in a relaxed manner on the Harley.

Everyone as they please, that's the freedom we all always talk about!

Berlin, December 7th, 2021 - This year the ADAC once again sent its inspectors to campsites across Europe to check their quality. The most important result: With 28 new ADAC super pitches (+21%), the top group of European luxury camping has expanded significantly.

This means that the number of campsites in Europe rated with 5 stars grows to a total of 158. Uwe Frers, Managing Director of ADAC Camping: “28 new ADAC super pitches show where camping is headed: higher quality for increasingly demanding campers.” There is also a strong increase in 4 and 4.5 star places. 103 campsites have made it into this segment (1373 campsites) and are pleased to have been recognized as an ADAC tip.

Europe: Italy remains number 1, Croatia with the strongest growth in the top group

ADAC Camping Guide 2022 Cover
ADAC camping guide 2022

With five new ADAC super places, Italy continues to occupy the
top position in the European rankings, as in the last survey.
France gains eight new ADAC super places and thus rises from position 3 to position 2. Croatia also records
the strongest percentage growth in the top group with eight new ADAC super places (+62%).

In addition, it jumps up three positions in the ranking to position 3. Germany gains two new
ADAC super pitches with Camping Strukkamphuk (Fehmarn, Schleswig-Holstein) and Camping Landal Sonnenberg (Leiwen, Rhineland-Palatinate) and maintains its position unchanged with 20 ADAC super pitches Position 4.

New ADAC super pitches also come from Austria (+3) and Denmark (+1), while Greece is
represented in the top ranking for the first time with the new ADAC super pitch Camping Ionion Beach (Peloponnese).


Number of ADAC super places 2022 Europe:

  1. Italy: 33 (+ 5)
  2. France: 29 (+ 8)
  3. Croatia: 21 (+ 8)
  4. Germany: 20 (+ 2)
  5. Netherlands: 20 (- 3)
  6. Spain: 16
  7. Austria: 10 (+ 3)
  8. Denmark: 3 (+ 1)
  9. Greece: 1 (+ 1)
  10. Luxembourg: 1
  11. Portugal: 1
  12. Sweden: 1
  13. Switzerland: 1
  14. Hungary: 1

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Germany: Fehmarn brings Schleswig-Holstein to the top in Germany

The northernmost federal state is in the lead: with six ADAC super places, Schleswig-Holstein takes the top position. This is followed by Baden-Württemberg (4), Bavaria (3) and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Lower Saxony (2 each).

The federal states of Rhineland-Palatinate, Brandenburg and Saxony are each home to an ADAC Superplatz. The island of Fehmarn in Schleswig-Holstein turns out to be a qualitative highlight for camping fans with four ADAC super sites alone: ​​Camping and Holiday Park Wulfener Hals, Camping Strukkamphuk, Inselcamp Fehmarn and Camping Miramar.

Number of ADAC super places 2022 in Germany


Schleswig-Holstein: 6

Baltic Sea Camping Family Heide, Waabs

Rosenfelder Beach Baltic Sea Camping, Grube Camping Miramar, Fehmarn
Camping and Holiday Park Wulfener Hals, Fehmarn
Island Camp Fehmarn, Fehmarn
Strukkamphuk, Fehmarn (new)

Baden-Württemberg: 4

Camping Wirthshof, Markdorf
Camping Münstertal, Untermünstertal
Holiday Paradise Schwarzwälder Hof, Seelbach
Hegi Family Camping, Tengen

Bayern 3

Beach camping Waging, Waging am See
Kur-Gutshof-Camping Arterhof, Bad Birnbach
Camping Hopfensee, Füssen

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: 2

Havelberge Camping and Holiday Park, Wesenberg
Camping Park Kühlungsborn, Kühlungsborn

Lower Saxony: 2

Alfsee holiday and adventure park, Rieste
Südsee-Camp, Wietzendorf

Brandenburg: 1

Senftenberger See Family Park, Großkoschen

Rhineland-Palatinate: 1

Camping Landal Sonnenberg, Leiwen (new)

Saxony: 1

Camping park LuxOase, Kleinröhrsdorf


New in the elite class of ADAC super pitches 2022: The 5-star Camping Strukkamphuk campsite on Fehmarn (Photo: PiNCAMP / Camping Strukkamphuk)
New in the elite class of ADAC super pitches 2022: The 5-star Camping Strukkamphuk campsite on
Fehmarn (Photo: PiNCAMP / Camping Strukkamphuk)



ADAC classification: This is how it is evaluated

The ADAC classification shows the level of offerings of a campsite. The highest classification level is 5 stars. The classification is calculated from the individual results of an inspection in the areas of sanitary equipment, site area, supplies, leisure activities and bathing opportunities.

To do this, ADAC inspectors travel all over Europe to get an on-site impression of the respective campsite. To ensure that the evaluation is fair and transparent, it follows fixed criteria that are applied consistently throughout Europe.

Approximately 250 data points are collected during an inspection. If a campsite manages to achieve an above-average rating and is classified with 5 stars, it receives the title ADAC Superplatz.

ADAC Camping Guide 2022 in stores

The ADAC Camping Guide Germany and Northern Europe 2022 with the current classifications and
detailed descriptions of over 2,600 campsites and of course all listed ADAC
super sites is now available in stores. The ADAC Camping Guide Southern Europe 2022 will be published on January 5, 2022.


Preview of the inside pages of the ADAC camping guide


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Photo credit: PINcamp


ADAC camping guide Germany and Northern Europe 2022 1

All ADAC super courses 2022 in Europe

Italy | Italy (33 super pitches | +5)

France | France (29 super pitches | +8)

Croatia | Croatia (21 super pitches | +8)


Netherlands | The Netherlands (20 super pitches)

Spain | Spain (16 super pitches)

Austria | Austria (10 super places | +3)

Denmark | Denmark (3 super places | +1)

Greece | Greece (1 super place | +1)

ADAC camping guide Germany and Northern Europe 2022 2
Camping Ionion Beach Greece

Luxembourg | Luxembourg (1 super pitch)

Europacamping Nommerlayen Luxembourg
Europacamping Nommerlayen Luxembourg

Hungary | Hungary (1 super place)

Thermal Camping Pápa Hungary
Thermal Camping Pápa Hungary

Portugal (1 super place)

Yelloh! Village Algarve Turiscampo Portugal
Yelloh! Village Algarve Turiscampo Portugal

Sweden | Sweden (1 super place)

Daftö Resort Sweden
Daftö Resort Sweden

Switzerland | Switzerland (1 super place)

Campofelice Camping Village Switzerland

Text: ADAC Photo credit: PINcamp

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