American Chopper is back on Discovery

American Chopper is back on Discovery Channel

After a 10 year break they are back with their successful TV show in the USA. The new season will air on Discovery on March 1, 2018 at 10 p.m. US time.

Paul Teutul Sr

There are some changes in the new season, Paul Junior is there, he opened his own custom bike forge and now everyone builds in his workshop where he is his own boss. Mikey is on the senior and new to the show is Paul his nephew Nick. Nick Mariconi has his roots somewhere in Italy, he doesn't know much about it himself, but that's how it is. He doesn't actually know that much anyway and is the man in the workshop for everything including cleaning the toilet. He is a spirited crazy guy and will bring the necessary humor to the show, the girls will definitely like him.

The years of quarrels with Junior are over, ultimately it was also a prerequisite for the new show that both of them were on board.

The Orange County Choppers fan base is still large worldwide, no matter where they appear, they are still popular 8 years after their last show. Paul Sr. showed up with MikeyOCC in Hamburg at the Harley Days The visit was arranged through a friend from Hamburg and both were surprised and thrilled by the great reception in the Hanseatic city. The parade through Hamburg left a lasting impression on Paul, and the stop on the Köhlbrandt Bridge was a very special highlight. He didn't expect the many people on the Reeperbahn who marvel at the parade left and right every year.

Paul's passion for working with iron is unbridled.

Paul Sr. has calmed down, but he is still eager to build a bike in his workshop with good people.   

OCC Jason PohlOne of Paul's top people is the designer Jason Pohl. The ideas he can conjure up are truly mind-boggling. As soon as he has a few key data on how one could imagine a project, he gets started. Whether by hand or on the PC, his work, in agreement with Paul Sr., is the cornerstone for most of the custom bikes that are created at OCC. Jason knows exactly what Paul wants, the two understand each other without many words, he's a cool guy and has a lot of fans.  

OCC2Mikey will ensure the fun together with Nick, but of course Mikey will also help the senior and help build the new projects. 

Paul Senior stands for old school bikes, he is fond of the old Harleys, unfortunately he sometimes has to rethink things for the new projects, but ultimately he is a customizer and also an international show star, the relays were held in over 160 countries during his good times broadcast and are still running in reruns and on YouTube.

In Germany, Discovery is broadcast on DMAX , where the 4th season of American Chopper is currently running, when the new season will be released on DMAX and you can find out lots of other news. It will be exciting!

The new season starts in the USA on May 28, 2018 and can be seen weekly.



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