The winner takes it all

The winner takes it all

Harley-Davidson invited two Germans to the company's 110th birthday in Milwaukee

The main winners in the HD competition come from Chemnitz

• The two Germans enjoy street parties, the parade and Kid Rock

A little later, Fat Boy rider Oliver and his girlfriend Rica had forgotten that they got a pin with a winning number at the Harley-Davidson Open House But when Oliver received a call from Harley-Davidson at the beginning of June, the man from Chemnitz took his breath away. His pin number had been drawn and he had won the grand prize: a trip for two to the 110th Anniversary in Milwaukee , USA . “We couldn't really believe it until we had the tickets in our hands,” admits the 42-year-old, who boarded a 747 with his partner on August 28 that carried the couple across the pond.

in Milwaukee was a visit to a Harley factory.

Here the Germans learned how a V-twin is made and saw an entire city in a party mood: the party was just as fierce in front of the factory as it was in the streets of the metropolis. The Motor Company then invited Oliver and Rica on a fascinating journey through time into the company's 110-year history: The couple found the Harley-Davidson Museum “simply crazy,” in which around 8,000 exhibits can be seen on 12,000 m². Here the two of them counted down to the official start of the birthday party until 6 p.m. sharp.

A personal highlight for Oliver was the personal encounter with the founder's grandson Willie G. Davidson, who warmly welcomed the Germans to the USA. Afterwards, the two of them – regardless of jet lag, jet lag not – simply couldn't help but celebrate wildly; after all, neither the roar of the engine nor the party died down at night. In bars, at intersections and simply in front of building entrances, Milwaukee celebrated the first 110 years of the company with guests from all over the world, of which every resident of this city is visibly proud.

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Motorcycle trip planner for iPhone

Motorcycle trip planner for iPhone

Not so long ago, motorcycle trip plans were made on a printed road map. The map was then placed on the tank bag and had to be looked at every time he was unsure about the route. But that was OK, and we still reached the motorcycle roads.

Motorcycle GPS

Then the technology was developed and we got motorcycle GPS which is waterproof and can handle the harsh conditions on the motorcycle with vibration and weather. This is still the preferred navigation system for some motorcyclists. The typical motorcycle gps are Garmin Zumo 550 or TomTom Rider 2, which are not only waterproof but also come with a mount so it is easy to take gps with you when the motorcycle is parked. With new technology and the development of Tourstart, it is now possible to create a motorcycle tour and transfer it to GPS - completely avoiding paper maps.

How to plan a motorcycle trip and transfer it to Garmin Zumo

 Tour start motorcyckel gps

At you can transfer a motorcycle trip to your GPS with a simple click. Once the motorcycle tour has been found or created, you can watch this YouTube video on how to transfer it to your Zumo.


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Powervision – More power and safety for the engine

More power and safety for the engine with Dynojet

House of Thunder , known for custom bikes and drag racing Dynojet for some time and has specialized in tuning and optimizing Harley Davidson engines .

When you hear the term tuning, you first think of increasing performance, but that's not all, as Jens explains to us. Jerking when idling, high engine temperatures and lack of power are often the result of engines running too lean, which in the worst case can lead to engine damage.

When using aftermarket air filters and exhaust systems can be eliminated Dynojet Power Commander or Power Vision With the Power Vision module you can “flash” or overwrite the map of your control unit directly and read out almost all relevant data from the control unit.

It is also possible to read and reset error codes and reset the fuel and idle settings. All of this is possible because it communicates directly with the standard diagnostic interface.

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Match winner in Faak | Thunderbike Unbreakable

The Thunderbike “Unbreakable”

About the idea:

To build a fully functional, easy-to-ride, yet breathtaking custom bike.

To do this, we use current Harley technology, combined with near-production/earthly chassis geometry.

Front and rear suspension, decent ground clearance and a 260 tire that runs in the middle.

…..132mm caster …….. 1780mm wheelbase ….. +125mm length …….+ 50mm height (compared to Harley-Davidson Softail) 36° steering head angle.

The fork: We always wanted to build a trapezoidal fork, but we never liked that these forks were built so far forward. So we designed the fork in the steering head area to be as compact as possible.

When the fork is fully compressed or lowered, you can hardly see the lever a telescopic fork, the side bars are located directly on the steering head - so it forms a unit with the bike - combined with the clip-on handlebars, the frame transition and that Integrated speedometer gives the bike a very sporty line.

The free millings in the side rails and the radial calipers with the ribbed brake caliper mounts underline this line.unbreakable wallpaper

The bike can be raised 80mm using the air cylinders. We placed the injection pump on the side of the left half of the tank; this was necessary because the shape of the tank means that the underside of the tank is fully visible.

We also neatly covered the manifold with the injectors, wiring, etc. with the engine mount.

We are particularly proud of the wheel design; it fits the bike perfectly. In order to allow the design to extend into the wheel hub, we have dispensed with a conventional brake disc flange and moved the brake disc mount to the outside.

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The European Bike Week attracted 100,000 motorcycle fans to Lake Faak

We came here to party

From September 3rd to 8th, the European Bike Week attracted 100,000 motorcycle fans to Lake Faak

·      Europe's largest motorcycle party fascinates visitors from all over the world

·      2014 Harley-Davidson models are a topic of conversation

·      Asia and the Leningrad Cowboys rock the stage with 18 other bands

·      Largest motorcycle parade on the continent with around 25,000 machines

Every year at the end of August, the area along the Seeufer Landesstraße in the small Carinthian village of Faak is transformed with great regularity into an entertainment Eldorado for motorcycle fans.

Large event tents, a huge open-air stage and numerous stands will be built on an area of ​​around 40,000 m²: the Harley Village. In the first week of September the time has come: the European Bike Week starts.

In 2013, the masses flocked to Faak - on two and four wheels, by plane, bus or on foot - to Harley-Davidson 's 110th birthday and to celebrate that free spirit , which only the brand from Milwaukee exudes. There were around 100,000 in 2013 and they enjoyed the unique atmosphere for which Faak is famous in consistently sunny temperatures. Relaxed, you set off on tours in the alpine surroundings or simply gave in to the general party mood.

Finally, there was a celebration around the lake, the sound of around 75,000 V-Twins mixed in the party locations with that of electric guitars and a babble of Babylonian languages, because the guests now come to Faak from all continents.

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Harley-Davidson Hamburg Nord in Nedderfeld 96 invites you.

From 10 a.m. until open end!

Welcome to a day full of possibilities:

  •  Presentation of the new Harley-Davidson models 2014!
  •  All Sportster models now also with ABS!
  •  The new tourers with new design and new technology!
  •  Let yourself be inspired and surprised!



The new Breakout is available at short notice!

harley-davidson-fxsb-breakout-Now experience a wonderful autumn on your Harley-Davidson Breakout!!

Big wheels, a fascinating paint job and classic drag bike features combine with modern technology in this brand new, head-turning performance cruiser.


Free test drive with your DREAM HARLEY

Models 2013 and 2014 > Be there: with a driver's license and ID

Winter Camp – Registrations will be accepted at the Open House.

Our parking spaces are limited - register early!


Harley-Davidson Original Motorclothes Collection


Offers and charity shirts for the Peter Maffay Foundation

Shopping – Food & Drinks – Exchange – Chatting – Watching – Marveling – Celebrating

Peter Maffay Foundation for many years and will also contribute Open House

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Photos from the European Bike Week 2013 at Lake Faak

Photos from the European Bike Week 2013 at Lake Faak

The time has come, the first photos from Faaker See 2013 are in the online gallery.

The photos are from Thursday and were taken in Drobollach, at the Harley Village and on the Arneiz grounds. 

There are still pictures from the bike shows at Harley Village and Arneitz, as well as many other impressions from the event.

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From August 29th to September 1st, Milwaukee celebrated 110 years of Harley-Davidson and 30 years of the Harley Owners Group

Coming home

From August 29th to September 1st, Milwaukee celebrated 110 years of Harley-Davidson and 30 years of the Harley Owners Group

·      The biggest 110th anniversary party of the year

·      100,000 bikers from all over the world in Milwaukee

·      Aerosmith, Kid Rock and 58 other music greats on five stages

·      Big parade with 7,000 bikes through the streets of Milwaukee

Anyone who didn't know that Harley-Davidson 110th birthday this year and that the Harley Owners Group is turning 30 has most likely spent the last twelve months on a deserted island. Everyone else probably knows that 2013 is all about special anniversaries for the Milwaukee brand. Celebrations took place around the globe - with countless parties on every continent and major major events in Goa, Auckland, Daytona, Melbourne, Margate, Zhejiang, Mexico City and Sao Paulo, Rome and Sturgis.

But one party topped them all: the mega party in Milwaukee , the hometown of the Motor Company, where Messrs. Harley and Davidson completed their first three roadworthy motorcycles .

From August 29th to September 1st, Harley-Davidson invited all friends of the brand to where it all began. Men and women of all ages were there, all nationalities were represented - peacefully united in a shared passion for “their” brand. The fans had organized impressive tours to Milwaukee, and the characteristic “Potatoe” sound filled the entire city including its access roads.

There were around 100,000 bikers in the city. Meanwhile, the 300,000 m² Henry Maier Festival Park on the shores of Lake Michigan been transformed into a first-class party zone: food and drinks from 43 regional restaurants and every imaginable 110th anniversary souvenir as far as the eye could see.

The 110th Signing Wall, a special women's area, the custom bike show, and exhibitions of current and historical models rounded off the offering. Special event areas including a lounge were reserved for members of the Harley Owners Group, the largest customer association in the world supported by a motorcycle manufacturer.

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European Bike Week 2013: Europe's largest Harley-Davidson parade

European Bike Week 2013: Europe's largest Harley-Davidson parade

From September 3rd to 8th, 2013 it's that time again: the 16th Harley Davidson European Bike Week at Lake Faak . Thanks to tens of thousands of Harley riders and countless motorcycle fans who make the pilgrimage to the Carinthian region every year, the major Austrian event is one of the best-known and most renowned motorcycle events of the year. Last but not least, the Harley-Davidson tour around Lake Carinthia , the largest European parade of its kind, makes the tranquil region in the south of Austria a central contact point for bikers and Harley fans from all over the world at the beginning of September.

End of the season at the biker meeting

The European Bike Week has been the brilliant end to the motorcycle season for numerous Harley-Davidson riders for 15 years now. After the biker meeting was launched in 1998 as an anniversary event by the Harley-Davidson European management, the event in Faak am See has developed into a true Harley mecca. 120,000 visitors were counted last year (2012) - a temporary record, after 15,000 bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts came to Lake Carinthia for the premiere in September 1998. This year the number of visitors could increase further. Because bikes from the traditional US manufacturer Harley-Davidson are still at the top of the popularity scales of many motorcycle fans.

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