Germany's largest bike event of its kind opens from July 30th. its doors again until August 2, 2015

An event that couldn't better complete the magnificent summer feeling of freedom, bikes, rock music and limitlessness: From July 30th.
The BIKE AND MUSIC WEEKEND will take place again on the grounds of the Autohof Strohofer in Geiselwind from August 2nd, 2015. Then the unique area will once again be transformed into Germany's largest cult site for bikers, rockers, US car fans and other motorized two-wheeler individualists. With over 20,000 visitors, it is by far the largest and most spectacular event of its kind nationally. Next year, thousands of people who want to rev up their engines and burn tires are expected to meet again in Lower Franconia. There will be a brief “state of emergency” in Geiselwind this weekend and that is the intention. Rising clouds of tire smoke and hearty barbecue smoke will alternately mist the open-air atmosphere and bring the mood among the festival visitors to a boil, whose hearts are already beating to the V2 beat. No fewer than 15 live bands - including international performers such as the LENINGRAD COWBOYS - will give their all musically and ensure that the sound fits the event. The line-up of participating artists offers a feast for the ears for every musical taste. That much is certain. The stage shows are guaranteed to be described as “legendary” and the performances on stage as “exorbitant”.

A colorful scene of paint and leather, chrome and metal, cars and bikes, suspenders and leather suits presents itself to travelers from all over the world.
For three days, Geiselwind will be a mecca for bike and music fans, for whom the smell of burnt rubber on asphalt, mixed with the juicy smell of rusty steaks, will show the way to the promised terrain.
Culinary delicacies and thirst quenchers from bottles and barrels are well catered for.
Franconian kitchens and cellars always serve the celebrants with the finest delicacies from the stove and oven. The supporting program is versatile and varied, so that the BIKE AND MUSIC WEEKEND is an absolutely unforgettable experience for every guest.
The spectacular bike stunt shows alternate with the presentation of highly polished American cars, huge drag racers in breathtaking shows and loud, screaming burn outs that are guaranteed to burst some tires again.
Day visitors stroll relaxed across the festival grounds and marvel at the most bizarre self-built vehicles, which are highly polished and rattling on display by their proud owners.
There are also the pretty go-go showgirls on stage who will warm up the guests even more in the expected summer heat. (Don't forget sunscreen!) Extremely party-goers can bring a tent, sleeping bag, cool box, etc. to the campground on the festival site and secure the Super Early Bird Ticket now for just 30.00 euros including camping!
The BIKE AND MUSIC WEEKEND 2015 – – from July 30th. until August 2, 2015 — Festival area Autohof Strohofer, Geiselwind.

Anyone who has ever heard the sound of the engines and felt the warm Franconian summer air on their skin will only find the motorcycle season perfect when they visit the BIKE AND MUSIC WEEKEND.
Probably the largest festival event in this category in all of Germany!

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