Blog - The Harley-Davidson highlights 2023

Blog – The 2023 Harley-Davidson highlights of the presentation

Harley-Davidson presented the first highlights from the 2023 model year this week. The presentation via YouTube was over after 18:03 minutes; the first few minutes summarized a few really nice moments from Harley-Davidson's 120-year history. I would interpret the motto as capturing moments that will never return. A few sequences weren't particularly exciting; the presentation of the Anniversary MotorClothes collection could have been made a little nicer.

No special backdrop that surrounds the product with an attractive frame. You can already tell that they are saving money, especially in the media sector. The sound players during the driving recordings are really horrible, that has nothing to do with legal systems, they don't even sound that bad in the original. The times are over when well-known photographers such as Michael Lichter or Mark Harmer were responsible for the particularly beautiful images.

2023 Harley-Davidson 120th Anniversary Models
2023 Harley-Davidson 120th Anniversary Models


The real highlight is the Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide Limited 120th Anniversary 2023

We're talking about Harley-Davidson motorcycles here, I won't talk about prices anymore. If you want to ride a Harley-Davidson, you just have to know that you have to bring enough money with you before you get the keys from the dealer and can drive out of the yard.

The question about a discount will come to nothing, because especially with such special designs, you have to apply in order to get one. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but with this special model we are talking about a CVO of which there will only be 1500 units. Especially with this one, not every authorized dealer gets one delivered.

2023 Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide Limited Anniversary
2023 Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide Limited Anniversary

The CVO Road Glide Limited 120th Anniversary 2023 is already limited as a normal CVO, in the 120th version it is now even doubly limited and numbered. If we want to talk about the price, at least for her, in order to be able to assess the matter a little better, we are talking about €59,995, plus the transport and installation fee and a special surcharge. So it looks like if you live in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the prices are a lot higher, but you can't blame Harley-Davidson for that.

But one thing is clear: when you stand in front of her, you are illuminated by the paint, the elaborate decorative stitching in the seat, or the eagle on the fairing, plus emblems and yes, in front of you there is a real Harley ship. I see it in front of me, with a slightly smoky tinted window, this whole structure is quite violent. But the money, oh I didn't want to talk about money.

House of Flames Open House 2024

The Harley-Davidson 120th Anniversary models

You definitely have to see the paint live! One might think that the El Diablo Low Rider ST 117 , with its similar red paintwork, was a teaser for the Anniversary models. Now we suddenly have a few more particularly red ones in the stable, which was previously a unique selling point for the El Diablo. It won't hurt her because there is no Low Rider ST 117 as an Anniversary model.

My favorites include the Fat Boy and the Street Glide. Everyone installed the 114 cubic inch engine, and one would have wished for a displacement upgrade to 120cui, just because of the anniversary. But that's not possible, because something was still missing from the presentation.

When are the other CVO Harley-Davidson models coming?

In my opinion, the CVO Road Glide Limited Anniversary will have a special position, perhaps it will even remain unique as an Anniversary version. In any case, Harley-Davidson is keeping a huge secret about the 2023 CVO models. My guess is that they will unveil them in Milwaukee at the homecoming event. Otherwise, we wish Hilmar and his wife a lot of fun in Milwaukee, he won the Europe-wide HD Homecoming competition and will be there.

Harley-Davidson Sportster Nightster and Nightster Special 975T

Sportster Nightster

They have a difficult inheritance to take on, it doesn't help, they have to get over this hurdle. For 2023, the Nightster has been slimmed down a bit, not in weight, it still weighs approx. 221kg when ready to drive. The headlight cover has been removed and is only available in the two paint finishes Vivid Black & Redline Red (surcharge €280). It has been given a new headlight design, the Bar&Shield logo is now emblazoned on the airbox (airbox = visually the tank, the actual tank is under the seat) and a newly styled seat cover can be found on the new 2023 model.

Basically it is not an entry-level model, after all it has 90 hp and almost 1000 cubic meters. Thanks to the adjustable driving mode, it can be easily adjusted even for inexperienced users at the push of a button.

2023 Sportster Nightster Harley-Davidson
2023 Sportster Nightster Harley-Davidson

Sportster Nightster Special

The Sportster Nightster Special is brand new, it comes with a lamp cover, TFT display and it is already a two-seater ex works. Harley-Davidson offers the Nightster Special in four colors. The TFT display is similarly extensive as on the Sportster S with navigation, where the information is displayed on the TFT screen in combination with the Harley-Davidson app. Status information includes front and rear tire air pressure, engine temperature, oil pressure, battery voltage and diagnostic codes.

Unusually for this class, cruise control is already installed as standard. The Sportster Nightster and the Nightster Special both have the safety features of TCS traction control, which prevents the wheels from spinning, especially in wet conditions, and DSCS, drag torque control, which prevents a sudden breakaway if the driver makes a misgear.

2023 Sportster Nightster Harley-Davidson
2023 Sportster Nightster Harley-Davidson

The Breakout 117 model year 2023

The new Breakout 117 is also a highlight alongside the CVO. It's not just the large 117 cui engine with 1,923 cm 3 and 101 hp that is very well received by the fan community, it's also the now larger 18.9 liter tank that immediately catches the eye. The Heavy Breather air filter with the 117 emblem was installed and the handlebars are now 19mm higher.

Harley-Davidson Grand American Touring 2024

From summer onwards, electronic traction control will be available as an option for the Breakout 117. A 21 inch wheel with 26 spokes is installed at the front. What is immediately noticeable is that it only has one brake disc at the front, which could be criticized. The right view of the Breakout is clearly its sugar side and so the spoked wheel can be seen dominantly. The new Breakout will be available in four colors: Vivid Black, Black Denim, Baja Orange, Atlas Silver Metallic.

2023 Freewheeler Harley-Davidson

The highlight in the niche

The Freewheeler from Harley-Davidson is not necessarily a box office hit here in Europe, but things are different in the USA. In any case, the Freewheeler is really successful, especially with this view. The rear looks really good and the 18 inch spoke wheels are just great, even the color comes across well. I've never ridden a freewheeler, but if I didn't have a motorcycle license, that would be an option.

2023 Freewheeler Harley-Davidson
2023 Freewheeler Harley-Davidson

40 years of Harley Owners Group

The Harley Owners Group has been around for 40 years now. At the beginning of the 1990s there were already more than a quarter of a million members worldwide, and in 2006 the HOG broke the million mark. Today there are more than 1,350 HOG chapters worldwide, connecting millions of Harley lovers and like-minded people.

The first international HOG event in Europe took place in Cheltenham (Great Britain) in 1991, and shortly afterwards around 3,500 members came together in Alsace in France.

Harley-Davidson Hamburg North

Homecoming event in Milwaukee 2023

Two top bands are expected in Milwaukee this year for the homecoming event. Green Day will headline an evening show on Friday, July 14th. Foo Fighters will headline Saturday, July 15th.

Also performing this weekend are Cody Jinks, Social Distortion, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Phantogram, White Reaper, and KennyHoopla. Veterans Park also hosts a family-friendly festival during the day that includes music, entertainment, activities and a variety of dining options. The 120th Anniversary Event will take place at various locations throughout Milwaukee. It is the legendary place where the story of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company began in 1903.

The Harley-Davidson Museum serves as a central gathering point for free events. The 20-acre campus will host free live music, food and beverage offerings and other attractions. The museum is generally accessible during the event. The weekend's festivities will conclude on Sunday with a motorcycle parade through Milwaukee.

Homecoming event will be celebrated every year in Milwaukee

Jochen Zeitz announced in the presentation that they would like to celebrate the event in Milwaukee every year in the future. He makes it clear how important these events are for the Harley-Davidson Company when Number-One now takes place permanently in the place where it all began.

120th Harley-Davidson Anniversary Party in Budapest

There is great interest in the event in Budapest. The initial problems with purchasing tickets have now been resolved. In any case, until before Christmas, the British Harley fans were still far ahead of us in terms of ticket sales, but we Germans have now overtaken them; tens of thousands of Harley bikers from all over Europe are expected in Budapest. The music program will have something for everyone with around 50 bands, the biggest highlight will certainly be the countless Harleys themselves who will take over Budapest and the surrounding area for the weekend.

The conclusion

It was already announced at the end of 2022 that prices would rise, although not officially, but it was clear that it would happen. It may not be the real problem in the upper segment, but Harley-Davidson still hasn't delivered a real Harley-Davidson entry-level model for the 2023 model year. Harley-Davidson is currently asking €16,095 for the Sportster Nightster.

It has to be said that with its 975cm 3 it is actually not a small machine and therefore there is still no replacement for the Iron 883 or Forty-Eight, which should be in the price segment of 12,000 to 13,000 euros. Many of those who started were those who moved up to the next class two or three years later. Something else is supposed to come this year, let's see if there's anything from the small models too.

Photo credits: Harley-Davidson Text: Harleysite

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