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Breakout CVO 2016 conversion

It has just been delivered Harley-Davidson CVO , for some it is a finished bike as it comes and for others it is a great basis for a conversion.

In any case, it's a lot of work, as a bike like this has to be dismantled before you can put something new together. That shouldn't be a problem for Olli from near Cologne, after all it's not his first project. Last year he already spectacularly converted a beautiful breakout, but now the new CVO particularly appeals to him. The 110cui engine already has a lot to offer from the factory, but here too there is still something to be optimized while you're at it.

He got one of the first breakout CVO's, and since mid-April he's been screwing, adjusting, going to the painter, the seat has to be in the right leather and everything else that goes with it. Getting the right accessories is a special task for such a new bike.

the first ESM 3 exhaust system from Kesstech and has already covered the first few kilometers. The green is particularly eye-catching because the bike is not only supposed to be black, but also shows that it is a little more poisonous than normal. He's not quite finished yet, but she's already looking pretty fierce!

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We will be able to see this gem live in Cologne, at the Harley Dome Cologne in the bike show.

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Harley-Davidson Breakout CVO 2016 conversion
Photo credit: Olli H.

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