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The BRONX could suddenly appear out of nowhere in 2021!

There is more information about the Streetfighter BRONX , which Harley-Davidson originally wanted to present together with Pan America . mentioned in the last report about the BRONX Harley-Davidson significant problems with suppliers.

Harley-Davidson BRONX - Streetfighter
Harley-Davidson BRONX – Streetfighter

A Harley consists of countless components, the brakes are from Brembo , some of the electronics come from Bosch and until all the parts of the engine's inner workings are put together, every part has to be there.

Bronx model year 2021 Brembo brakes
Bronx model year 2021 Brembo brakes

And here lies the problem that has its origins in the Corona pandemic: deliveries are delayed or the parts do not arrive in the desired quantities.

Bronx model year 2021 cockpit
Bronx model year 2021 cockpit

As I have now learned from various sources in the US company, Harley-Davidson BRONX . However, there is a changed roadmap that says “Pan America first” and as soon as resources are free, the priority list moves on. For the Streetfighter , this means that it could still be launched in 2021 Pan America customers are supplied internationally.

Pan America at Daytona Bike Week 2020
Pan America at Daytona Bike Week 2020

Basically, the development of the BRONX largely completed; everything else depends on the suppliers. Harley-Davidson is already behind schedule and so the decision has been made to park the BRONX project. But as already mentioned, the wind can change as soon as the overall situation calms down.

Many employees are still working from home

Currently, a large part of the administration still works from home and only comes to the office once or twice a week. That's why, for example, because of the upcoming HD Connect discontinuation, a service telephone number in the USA was specified. Things have obviously become very complicated for all companies affected by Corona.

Harley-Davidson is sticking to the relaunch of Pan America in spring 2021!

The Pan America as a prototype at Daytona Bike Week 2020
The Pan America as a prototype at Daytona Bike Week 2020

Harley-Davidson wants to meet the Pan America and for this reason everything that comes into production goes into the production of the Adventure Harley, which I personally think is really good. I'm really looking forward to it, just because I used to ride a lot of Tenere , the Pan America even more.

Pan America Prototype 2021
Pan America Prototype 2021

In any case, the Pan America preference over the Bronx , the new platform and the new Revolution engine are designed in such a way that many model variants can be created on this basis.

Concept of the Softail as a template

This is similar to the current Softail models, where they say: “A lot of things are similar, but nothing is the same!”

Each model drives differently, sometimes there are different angles on the steering head, which creates a completely different driving experience. We will find this principle in the new platform in 2021, because there are even more models waiting.

Photo of the new Harley Davidson 750 Flat track bike at Vince and Hines in Indianapolis

The Cruiser is also still on hold, a model between the XR-750 and Forty-Eight , with a healthy dose of flat track style . This year marks the 50th flat track anniversary and the legendary stuntman Evel Knievel, and the Harley Cruiser will have to join the ranks somewhere from 2021.

Unfortunately, the new Harleys with specifications for the European market have a long way to go before they reach us. In addition, other manufacturers have similar problems and if production in the factories runs well and undisturbed again, there could well be a capacity problem when shipping the machines, because they are also not inexhaustible and the long sea route takes time.

As you can imagine, there are countless components that first have to mesh together like a gearbox before you can expect really reliable information from your Harley dealer. Because they are sometimes the ones who suffer the most, just like other companies plagued by Covid-19 who, like their customers, are suffering from the delays.


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