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BTE AutoReiseZug.

Travel overnight in a relaxed manner. Between Hamburg and the Alps.

comfortably with the BTE AutoReiseZug. Anyone who wants to enjoy scenic tours in the Alps, in Scandinavia or on Germany's coast knows what it's like: hours of monotonous driving on congested highways until you get to the desired region.

A solution is the time- and material-saving overnight arrival and departure with the BTE AutoReiseZug between Hamburg and the Lörrach terminal near the Alps on the Swiss border.
When traveling by train, bikers avoid the risk of accidents, “square tires” and high material wear caused by long motorway journeys. You save on fuel costs and reach your destination relaxed and safe. By traveling overnight, motorcyclists gain two days of touring and save on overnight stays along the way.

BTE AutoReiseZug Hamburg - Lörrach
BTE AutoReiseZug Hamburg – Lörrach

Whether individual seats in a couchette compartment shared with other passengers, or from your own couchette compartment to a comfortable sleeping compartment - accommodation on the train can be chosen individually according to your own wishes and holiday budget.

All information about the travel days offered, accommodation on the train and prices can be found here

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