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Burglars pry open the cellar door - steal Dodge Ram and Harley-Davidson, witnesses wanted

Niederkrüchten – Overhetfeld: Between Saturday 6:15 p.m. and Sunday 1:00 p.m. the perpetrator or perpetrators broke into a detached single-family home in Kapellenfeld in Niederkrüchten. By prying open the cellar door at the back of the house, the suspects got into the cellar and from there into the living rooms and searched them. They also broke open a cash box in the kitchen.

From there they stole the spare keys to a Dodge Ram car with the license plate KK-HH 27, a white Harley Davidson (KK-HH 33) and cash. The Harley Davidson has a striking black flame print on the sides. The vehicles were stolen with the spare keys. If you have any information about suspects or the whereabouts of the vehicles and their license plates, please call the criminal police on 02162/377-0. /cb (1067)

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