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Navigation directly in the helmet: calimoto and Tilsberk bring route planning to the head-up display

Calimoto is becoming increasingly popular in the biker scene worldwide and is already the number 1 app for motorcyclists in Europe when it comes to tour planning and navigation. Thanks to constant development, technical stability and future-oriented vision, it has become a valued companion on motorcycle tours. But that is not how it remains.

calimoto is entering into a cooperation with the manufacturer Digades, which has over 30 years of experience in electronics development and production, and its Tilsberk brand, thereby taking a big step towards the future. From now on, calimoto users can have the navigation instructions displayed directly in their helmet via the Tilsberk Head-Up Display.  

“With calimoto we are paving the way into a new era of navigation. We are proud to be able to do this together,” says Sascha Berger, Managing Director of Tilsberk.  

This innovative collaboration not only offers a real replacement for the smartphone or classic navigation device on the handlebars: it also immensely increases driving safety by displaying it in the field of vision!

Tim Berger, founder of Tilsberk, also sees it this way: “Finally there is a real and safe alternative to navigation devices on the handlebars.” 

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The display of turn-by-turn directions directly in the helmet also means a completely new and futuristic driving experience for the calimoto user, which has previously often only been known from fictional science fiction productions in Hollywood.

“By integrating calimoto into the Tilsberk head-up display, we are creating a new level of user experience for our users. All important information about navigation and the tour is displayed directly in your field of vision, so you can concentrate even more on what's important: the route, the landscape and the curves. At the same time, we also increase safety and the coolness factor is not neglected either,” reports Sebastian Dambeck, co-founder and CEO of calimoto, enthusiastically.  

Tilsberk also offers an exclusive price advantage of 50 EUR discount for calimoto premium users on the head-up display. All new calimoto users automatically receive a voucher code when purchasing a Tilsberk HUD to test calimoto Premium for free for four weeks.  

Further information about the benefits: Tilsberg

Both companies are bringing a breath of fresh air to the world of motorcycle navigation just in time for the start of the 2023 season, in order to get even more out of all of our hobbies and ensure unforgettable moments. 

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