calimoto launches Bosch automatic emergency call system
for motorcyclists

Automatic accident detection for faster help

In cooperation with the technology and service company
Bosch, specifically Bosch.IO as a specialist for AIoT and digital projects, the No. 1 app for motorcycle navigation ensures even more safety on the motorcycle .
With Help Connect, calimoto has developed an automatic emergency call system together with Bosch and published it as a new function in the app.

When riding a motorcycle, safety is the top priority! Unfortunately, numerous protectors, a high-quality helmet and a forward-looking driving style do not guarantee an accident-free journey. That's why calimoto has decided to not only be the best companion for tour planning and navigation - but also to provide assistance in the event of an accident!

But how does Help Connect work exactly?

With Help Connect – a development from Bosch – an automatic emergency assistant is now available in the calimoto app. In the event of an accident, the fall is detected by an intelligent crash algorithm and an emergency call is automatically sent to Help Connect via the calimoto app. The algorithm uses the acceleration sensor already present in the smartphone, which means that even older motorcycles without a built-in eCall function can benefit directly from the emergency call system - without any retrofitting!

Requirements for use:

• Operation of the calimoto app
• Activation of the service from Bosch
• Secure fixation of the smartphone on the handlebars while driving

Immediately after a fall is detected, the accident data and the current location are transmitted to the Help Connect service team via the smartphone's data connection and an attempt is made to establish a telephone connection with the motorcyclist who was involved in the accident.

Bosch employees are available around the clock from eleven European countries and are specially trained for such emergencies. In an emergency, they immediately and automatically alert the local emergency services.

Hans-Joachim Allenfort, co-founder of calimoto, sees real added value in the cooperation with Bosch: “An automatic emergency call can save vital minutes in an emergency and thus make a decisive difference for the rescue services. With this additional feature, our users can enjoy their tours with calimoto even more carefree.”

For Stefan Ferber, Managing Director of Bosch.IO, the cooperation contributes to Bosch's IoT strategy: “Help Connect uses the sensors of networked products, such as the calimoto app on the smartphone. We are expanding this to include an algorithm for accident detection and the Bosch emergency call.

This can save lives and is entirely in line with our Bosch brand promise 'Technology for life'.”

Help Connect is available for iOS and Android. A German SIM card is required for use. The Help Connect service team can be reached in German or English. In addition to Germany, the service can also be used in the following countries: Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy and Spain. This feature can be booked in both the premium and basic versions of calimoto for €4.99/month or as an annual subscription for €39.99 via Bosch.

Further information about Help Connect at https://bosch

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