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Extensive official requirements due to the pandemic make it impossible to hold the event this year. New date : 24 . until June 26, 2022.

NEU-ISENBURG June 8th, 2021 - At the end of last year everything seemed to be clear: many things are possible again in summer 2021 - including the Hamburg Harley Days . Employees and customers longed for the event mile at the wholesale market, the reunion with friends, the many bikes, strong bands and cool entertainment. Therefore, Harley-Davidson and the organizer, Hamburg-based uba gmbh, dedicated themselves to planning the event with enthusiasm. In March 2021, Harley-Davidson initially announced that the event would be postponed from July to August to be on the safe side. In view of the current Corona situation, the company and uba gmbh now had to make the decision to cancel the Hamburg Harley Days 2021 .

“Like the entire Harley community, we were really looking forward to the event. Not least in view of the currently falling number of infections, we believed in the possibility of holding it until the end and were committed to the Hamburg Harley Days, but we don't like to do things by halves," explains Nils Buntrock , Harley-Davidson marketing manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “Unfortunately, the legitimate official restrictions due to the pandemic are still great for events of this type.

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There was no way we could have held an event like our guests expect and deserve. And ultimately, the health of all visitors and employees is of course always the top priority.” “Unfortunately, given the circumstances, we cannot decide otherwise,” agrees uba managing director Uwe Bergmann, “because it wouldn’t have been a real Hamburg Harley Days – even if it had been , then we want to do it right!”

Harley-Davidson and uba gmbh promise to do everything they can in 2022 and to put together an event that will thrill all fans and friends of the brand and deserve the name Hamburg Harley Days. A date has already been set with those responsible: The Hamburg Harley Days 2022 will take place from June 24th to 26th . Further information about the event can be found at .

Information about Harley-Davidson is available at .

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  1. I will sell my two Harleys, if you are interested please let me know

  2. Oh, that's rubbish - but well then, see you next year and then things will really take off!

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