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Cardo scala rider® PACKTALK™: limitless possibilities, incredibly easy to use

Why DMC™ when there is Bluetooth®?
Why PACKTALK™ when there are already so many communication systems for motorcyclists? Stefan Böhr, Director Sales at Cardo, explains in an interview why the Cardo scala rider® PACKTALK™ is superior to all other systems and why using it is much easier than it might initially seem.

Question: If I understood correctly, the new Cardo PACKTALK now offers two options for communicating with other motorcyclists for the first time - either via Bluetooth or via DMC. This communication always worked quite well via Bluetooth. Why do I need DMC?

Stefan Böhr: DMC is a new, groundbreaking communication technology that has never existed before.

Its advantages over Bluetooth come into play when more than two motorcyclists want to communicate with each other. For larger groups of four to ten participants, DMC far outperforms all alternative technologies including Bluetooth. The conventional Bluetooth intercom mode, like DMC, enables full-duplex conference mode among several participants, but with Bluetooth each participant in the conversation must stay in line and maintain their place in the communication chain.

If one or more bikers pull out or overtake each other, communication between the entire group breaks down.
The new DMC technology of the Cardo PACKTALK, on ​​the other hand, connects every participant with everyone else, and therefore group communication continues unhindered, no matter how many participants spontaneously go out of reach, perform overtaking maneuvers, pull out, or simply stop to refuel.

PACKTALK users can join, leave and return to the group conversation at any time without affecting the ongoing conversation between other group members.
If a larger group of PACKTALK users divides into two or more groups, new smaller groups emerge automatically, each of whose members can communicate with each other. When these groups come within range of each other again, they automatically reunite with each other. DMC is essentially a dynamic, flowing, virtual communication network between PACKTALK users that automatically repairs and updates itself in fractions of a second and continuously. With these attributes, PACKTALK is currently the only communication system in the world that enables full-fledged group communication. On the homepage of www.cardosystems.com you can watch a video that clearly shows the advantages of DMC technology.

Question: Do I have to change the PACKTALK device if I want to switch from Bluetooth to DMC, or does this happen automatically?

Stefan Böhr: The Cardo PACKTALK is factory set to Bluetooth intercom mode. If you want to use DMC, you have to switch to DMC intercom mode. But it's really easy. As with most configuration options, you have the choice between two input options: The easiest way is via your smartphone with the Cardo SmartSet app, which can be downloaded free of charge from the internet - both Android and iOS. The configuration is extremely easy, especially with the touchscreen of a smartphone. The operating symbols are large and clear, the menu navigation is clear and intuitive. Alternatively, the change can also be made via the navigation menu on the PACKTALK device itself.

Question: Do I have to buy a new cell phone to configure the PACKTALK if I don't have a smartphone with an iOS or Android operating system?

Stefan Böhr: Absolutely not. As mentioned, all operating options can also be set via the navigation menu on the device itself. Entry via smartphone is merely an offer to users of the most common cell phone operating systems. Even on the go, most options can be changed without a smartphone. However, for the sake of simplicity, it is recommended that configurations such as language settings or DMC group creation be carried out before driving.

Question: If I communicate via DMC, are the Bluetooth functions of the PACKTALK switched off?

Stefan Böhr: No, only the Bluetooth intercom function is switched off. All other Bluetooth functions such as listening to music, making phone calls and acoustic navigation instructions remain active in parallel to the DMC intercom function.

Question: If DMC is better for intercom than Bluetooth, why does PACKTALK even offer Bluetooth intercom? Isn't that a unnecessary complication?

Stefan Böhr: DMC is a stand-alone, Bluetooth-independent technology that is far superior to the Bluetooth intercom profile with just three participants.
Nevertheless, the Bluetooth profile was retained in the PACKTALK device because it is not only required for the connection to smartphones and navigation systems, but also to communicate with other Cardo communication systems and with devices from third-party manufacturers. Switching between Bluetooth and DMC is, as I said, intuitive and extremely easy. And if you only want to communicate with other PACKTALK devices, you only have to switch your own PACKTALK to DMC intercom mode once and can then always keep this setting. PACKTALK remembers all settings even if it is switched off.

Question: The PACKTALK has even more functions than the other Cardo communication systems. Isn't that too much of a good thing? Can you even remember all of this?

Stefan Böhr: It's the same as with all high-quality electronic devices.
Only a few users really need the full range of functions of their computer or smartphone, but as we know, you quickly get used to the functions that you use every day. Only gradually do you discover what the device can do. And the Cardo PACKTALK can actually do far more than any other communication system on the market. An immensely helpful way to optimally use the PACKTALK is the Cardo SmartSet app, because it not only saves you from having to keep a note in your head, but also allows you to use your smartphone as a remote control when you attach it to the handlebars. Handlebar mounts are already available for almost all cell phones because many motorcyclists also use their smartphones as navigation devices.

Question: The PACKTALK operating instructions are very extensive - who wants to work through them?

Stefan Böhr: At www.cardosystems.com , as with every Cardo product, there are not only the operating instructions but also a quick guide that you can download onto your smartphone or tablet. In this way you can clearly find out about the most important functions of the device in just a few minutes.

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