The Kenworth tractor from SKS Bikeshuttle has Hollywood experience
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Cinema premiere of “Mallorca Bike Week 2022”

The organizer liked the film documentation of the 16th edition of the trip, for which SKS Reisen GmbH transported up to 500 motorcycles to the largest Balearic island, so much that they rented a cinema hall for the premiere.

Mogendorf, January 16, 2023

Over the years, it has become a tradition for MBW participants – this is how those in the know abbreviate “Mallorca Bike Week” – to be able to review their experiences and impressions via video after the trip. To this end, the organizer, SKS Reisen GmbH from Mogendorf in the Westerwald, regularly creates a video to document the event with and for motorcycle enthusiasts from all over Germany and neighboring countries. For bikers, the film offers a welcome opportunity to escape the gray season for a moment and build anticipation for the coming motorcycle season.

Two years ago, Ben Ott, a well-known video and photographer in the scene, took on this job for SKS. While in 2021 in his “first work” he accompanied a motorcycle-loving couple on their first MBW from the motorcycle drop-off in Mogendorf to the farewell in Mallorca, in 2022 he led through the event using the example of the Harley-riding influencer Alessandro Silverfox.

On December 6th, at 7 p.m., it was “curtain up” in the Capitol cinema in Montabaur. The SKS Kenworth W 990, which is otherwise used as the tractor for the Harley-Davidson roadshow truck, showed the invited guests, including Gabriele Wieland, Mayor of Montabaur, the way in the parking lot. It is actually a vehicle that already has Hollywood experience, because before it was bought by SKS Spedition, Liam Neeson had driven it in the movie “The Ice Road”. Back then it still had the original red paint.

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Around 175 of the company's customers, employees and business partners accepted the spontaneous invitation and experienced the first broadcast in a comfortable cinema seat with a bag of popcorn in their hand. All protagonists were equally enthusiastic and following the film, the first reservations were accepted for the 17th Mallorca Bike Week in November. By the way, the online premiere took place at the same time on YouTube.  

Mallorca Bike Week 2022:

Mallorca Bike Week 2021:

Text: SKS-Reisen Photo credit: Nitz Photography

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