Power clutch from Müller Motorcycles

The clutch aid for your Harley - clutch relief made by Müller - a success story for almost 20 years

The original idea for the power clutch goes back to the 90s. And the discovery of the groundbreaking technology happened somewhat by chance, but let's tell the story from the beginning.  

Even in the 90s, there were clutch lighters on the market, but due to an enormous loss of stroke, these often meant that the neutral gear could no longer be engaged or the clutch could no longer be separated cleanly. The trend was also towards steel-coated Bowden cables and high ape-hanger handlebars, which led to further loss of stroke... all things that Werner Müller observed carefully at the time and thought that something had to be done.

Clutch relief - Power Clutch from Müller Motorcycles, for HD models 2021
Power Clutch from Müller Motorcycles, for HD models 2021

During this time he developed his 5-speed kicker, through which Müller also became very well known in the customizing scene (and is still available today from W&W through its own brand “Eightball”). The kicker is particularly small, which meant that it was no longer possible to use the original coupling segment.

Werner had to use a smaller clutch segment that he developed himself. In this segment, he placed the balls closer to the center out of necessity, which had the surprising side effect of making the clutch about 20% easier to pull. From these findings and the existing market for coupling relief, the idea of ​​developing one grew. But it would take a few more years until that happened.  

Power Clutch Diagram HD Models 2021
Power Clutch Diagram HD Models 2021

In 2002, Werner took up the idea again, constructed and drew, tinkered and tested. Today he doesn't remember exactly how many different prototypes they "carved out" on the milling machine back then, but there were very, very many. In addition to moving the balls further into the center, the angle of inclination of the ramps was also adjusted. Because of course you should get the most out of this part. And so in the end he managed to achieve a relief of over 40%.  

The patent application was made in the USA and the utility model protection was registered in Germany. However, the production should not be carried out in our own production facility with milling machines like the previous parts, but rather as an investment casting part. A suitable company was soon found in Germany that would manufacture the parts.

But to your astonishment, the investment casting part only achieved 30% relief, just when you thought you had finally reached your destination. Werner Müller could have simply marketed the part like that, but that wouldn't have met his ambition and so they continued to optimize and haggle until, in the end, the investment casting part also brought the desired relief of the 40%.

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Hydro Clutch Diagram HD Models 2021
Hydro Clutch Diagram HD Models 2021

Werner Müller took a complete risk, put everything on one card and ordered 5,000 sets in the first delivery. This enabled him to market his “miracle particle” – as the Dream Machines later described it in an article – to wholesalers. Coincidence also played well into the hands of the small, Bavarian family business.

When the owner of DRAG Specialties - Fred Fox - visited Konz, he was so enthusiastic about this part that Werner quickly went to meet him and then sold the first 1,000 pieces to America. All the other wholesalers quickly recognized the potential in this small part and included it in their catalog.

Power Clutch officially on the market since 2003 It was named “Custom Part of the Year 2003” and has now been sold over 100,000 times. The small parts forge in rural Bavaria, which has now been taken over by son Fabian Müller , is rightly proud of having achieved such a coup.

Anyone who has ever driven with the Power Clutch probably won't want to be without it, as you can see from many forum reports and customer opinions. Many women are also happy about the relief or people with disabilities who can only ride a Harley Or to put it in the words of Müller himself:

“Why make it difficult when it can be so easy?” 

Fabian Müller

The Power Clutch is available for all Harley-Davidson & BUELL motorcycles with a Bowden cable clutch, including for the new 2021 models, which almost all use a Bowden cable clutch again (except for Pan America)!! It is invisible from the outside and can be installed in a short time. Müller Motorcycle AG offers the “Hydro Clutch” for hydraulic clutches . The counterpart to the Power Clutch also achieves approx. 45% relief and is available from wholesalers as well as local regional dealers!

You can also get both products and further information in the Müller Motorcycle AG online shop at: www.m-motorcycle.de

Advertisement: This article was created in cooperation with Müller Motorcycles AG

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