Read guest articles from other long-time writers and experts in the Harley-Davidson scene who appear as guest authors.

The face behind this work often remains hidden from many motorcycle journalists. In the photo is John, the good John is not real and stands for those motorcycle journalists who prefer to be behind the camera.

Column on topics from the Harley-Davidson world

The Harley-Davidson scene is a vibrant and tight-knit community of people who share a common passion for these legendary motorcycles .

Peter Schulz, for example, is one of the veterans in this scene and has made a name for himself as a renowned motorcycle journalist over the years. Many people know his work from magazines, be it through his gripping texts and impressive photos, which we read many years ago in Easy Rider, for example. The face behind this work often remains hidden from many motorcycle journalists.

In this column, colleagues from the motorcycle scene have the opportunity to share their personal perspectives and stories with the Harley-Davidson community. Unlike objective reporting, this platform allows you to bring your own experiences and thoughts into the reports.

From the unforgettable encounters with Harley enthusiasts to the thrilling adventures on the road, Peter's column promises to be a captivating read for anyone who loves the world of Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

But Peter Schulz won't be the only one to have his say in this column. In the future, other long-time writers and experts from the Harley-Davidson scene will also appear as guest authors. This openness and collaboration are characteristic of the scene, regardless of whether it is traditional print media or modern online platforms. It's refreshing to see colleagues sharing their experiences and knowledge to further strengthen and enrich the Harley-Davidson community.

This column will undoubtedly become a source of inspiration, information and entertainment for all Harley enthusiasts. It offers an insight into the diverse aspects of this unique scene and brings to light the passionate stories and experiences of its members. From travel reports to technology trends to historical backgrounds - the column will take readers on a varied and exciting journey.

Overall, the launch of this column is a sign of the strong community and shared enthusiasm that drives the Harley-Davidson scene. It is a testament to the members' openness and desire to share their knowledge and passion with one another. Whether printed or digital, this column will undoubtedly help solidify and strengthen the Harley-Davidson community even further.

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