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Control group Autoposer secures Harley-Davidson in Hamburg

Hamburg police: Autoposer control group confiscates four vehicles after their operating license expires

Time: October 22nd, 2022, 3:30 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. Location: Hamburg city area

Officials from the Autoposer control group confiscated three cars and a motorcycle due to unauthorized technical modifications.

As part of mobile traffic controls, officers from Traffic Directorate 3 (VD 3) checked a total of eight suspicious vehicles on Friday.

In St. Georg, the specialists noticed a General Motors Hummer H2 with a high level of noise from the exhaust system. When they subsequently checked the 49-year-old German driver and his 330 hp vehicle, they discovered that the vehicle was missing the required silencer. A noise level measurement carried out on site showed that the volume was 12 decibels higher at 98 decibels. In addition, various unauthorized lighting equipment had been installed on the vehicle. The officers seized the lobster for an assessment by an officially recognized expert.

Also in St. Georg, the officers from the Autoposer control group stopped a 24-year-old Bulgarian driver of a BMW 535d with a Bulgarian registration, where they subsequently found unauthorized modifications to the catalytic converter and diesel particulate filter. The result of this was that the BMW had emissions and odors that corresponded to the Euro 0 standard and was seized for further assessment.

At Jungfernstieg in Hamburg-Neustadt the police officers again became aware of a BMW 535d. The inspection of this car also revealed evidence of unauthorized manipulation of the diesel particulate filter and the exhaust gas recirculation valve. Furthermore, a wheel and tire combination was installed on the BMW, for which the Bulgarian driver (23) was unable to provide proof of admissibility. This vehicle was also seized by the officers and an expert was commissioned to carry out an assessment.

In Wandsbek, the officers from the Autoposer control group checked the German driver (50) of a Harley-Davidson because of the noticeable exhaust noise. It was found that the motorcycle's exhaust system had been modified. A measurement of the Harley's stationary noise showed a volume of 104 decibels instead of the permitted 91 decibels. In addition, an unauthorized headlight was installed on the motorcycle and the cover of an air filter box was removed without permission, so the police also seized the Harley for later examination.

The operating license for all vehicles was deemed to have expired as a result of the modifications described. Each of the four drivers can expect a point in the driving fitness register, a fine of 90 euros and the imposition of the respective procedural costs.

The Autoposer control group will continue to carry out mobile traffic controls in the future to increase safety on Hamburg's streets.

Text: Hamburg Police

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