With Ernesto Guevara in the mountains of Sancti Spíritus Cuba

Discover Cuba with Ernesto Guevara on the Harley-Davidson

#1 Arriving in Havana

Island of the Caribbean, the name alone plays a melody and symphony of adventure, magic and myths in your head.

Discovering the dream island of the Caribbean on the Harley-Davidson cigar , the Kuba Libre and ending the evening with salsa music in the background, it could happen like that every day.

Harleysite together with Ernesto Guevara in Cuba
Harleysite together with Ernesto Guevara in Cuba

I have known Ernesto Guevara for many years, we have already met in Germany, Finland and also Russia, but we only did a tour together in Cuba in spring 2019.

Ernesto has around 12 Harleys that he offers for guided tours, from the Electra Glide , Street Glide to the Sportster , everything is included.

In Cuba you can see beautiful beaches, palm trees, rum, cigars, salsa, horse-drawn carriages, ox carts and especially the old American cars that characterize the cityscape of Havana.

We live in a high-rise building on the Malecon in Havana
We live in a private apartment in Havana on the Malecon

Arriving in Havana at the airport

It starts at the airport in Havana. I initially caused a stir. Between all my technical equipment there was a drone, which promptly caused a hectic hustle and bustle among the officials.
Despite my very good contacts on the island, I had to leave them with customs while I was in the country and was not allowed to take them into the country. We drove to our accommodation in Havana with our driver Ivan, who picked us up at the airport. We arrived the day before the official tour and stayed in a high-rise building right on the Malecon for the night.

Old US cars in Havana on Cuba
Old US cars in Havana on Cuba

We live in a private apartment, not luxury, but clean, large and climate. An older Cuban woman makes breakfast for us in the morning, so a lot can be arranged to make it as pleasant as possible.

Havana is on the agenda on the first day

We arrived in Havana a few days early to get used to the climate and it is also an ideal opportunity to explore Havana. When I travel, I always try to get as much contact with the locals as possible.

Of course, this works particularly well if you live directly with them and not in the hotel. But after two days we will move to the 5 star hotel, then we have to drag our suitcases across the street and get to the hotel.

HOP ON-OFF TOUR Bus tour in Havana
HOP ON-OFF TOUR Bus tour in Havana

Discover Havana

It is advisable to explore the capital of Cuba with the HOP ON-OFF bus. The trip costs a one-time fee of 10 CUC (in 2019 approx. 1 CUC = 1 EUR) and you can also change the bus for the same price and with the same ticket Get on another HOP ON-OFF bus if you want to visit something in between.

The El Floridita Bar

Our visit to one of the most famous bars in the world

The first must-visit is El Floridita Bar in the center of Havana. The Hemingway regular bar is one of the most famous in the world and one of its most famous regular guests was the world-famous writer Ernest Hemingway , who you meet again and again in Cuba.

The Daiquirí cocktail is said to have been invented in this bar, which has been around for over 200 years.

The bar really has a very interesting history and is a must visit, although apparently 90% of tourists in Cuba feel the same way, the bar is regularly quite full.

Chacon 162, the bar for Harley bikers
Chacon 162, the bar for Harley bikers

The insider tip – Chacon 162 Bar in Havana

But there is an even better tip than the Hemingway Bar and that is a Harley-style bar in Old Havana that is dedicated to Harley riders. When you walk in, there's an old Harley-Davidson hanging over the counter, so you know straight away that you've come to the right place.

The Chacon 162 Bar in Old Havana is a popular meeting place for Cuba's Harlisti scene.

The food is very good, they offer a great fish platter at normal prices which is really a highlight. Even those who don't eat fish will find something good here.

The beer is tasty and so is the mojito, we have been to this bar several times and if I lived in Havana I would be a cigar-smoking regular here.

Restaurant tips

We only had good experiences with the restaurants, some of them really good. But I also know that it's not like that everywhere. You should always pay attention to the movement in the restaurant.

Cerveza Cristall beer in Cuba.
Cerveza Cristall beer in Cuba.

It's best, of course, if you see locals eating. The cocktails were also 90% great and the Cerveza Cristal beer goes very well chilled.

At first glance, Havana seems rocky.

A rocked house in Old Havana
A rocked house in Old Havana

We will have this experience more often, some houses look ready for demolition from the outside and as soon as you step over the threshold you won't recognize it.

On the first day in Havana we collect so many impressions, although you have the feeling that time has stood still here for 50 years, the city has its very special charm.

A courtyard in Havana
A courtyard in Havana

The people are friendly and respectful, there are a few beggars in the center who are not welcome; a single no is enough for them if you don't want to give them anything.

I had a very safe feeling the entire time; you can definitely walk through the city in the evenings.

A small school in Havana
A small school in Havana

People don't have much, they would certainly like to have a little more, but they have basic services that provide them with health care and schooling. that is different in many countries.

Cuba lives almost self-sufficiently from the rest of the world

In Cuba, supplies are self-sufficient; fresh fruit comes from the country every day by ox cart. Much of the food is fresh and the locals get their rations with ration cards.

There are often long queues in front of the issuing offices, as well as at the bank and in the telephone shop for internet cards.

My passion for Harley-Davidson has taken me to many countries, but here I am in a very special place, you first have to learn to understand how everything works here. You're completely slowed down, everything runs much more smoothly, it's a completely new feeling.

We drink a very special Cuban rum together with Ernesto.
We drink a very special Cuban rum together with Ernesto.

The Cubans are patriots, they love their country and Che , anyone who drinks rum with Cubans in a private setting will see that the first sip is always for Mother Earth and only then is it distributed into the glasses.

Exploring Cuba is a real adventure, characterized by prejudices, you are surprised at how happy the people actually are.

We take over our Harleys from Ernesto

Part 1 - Discover Cuba with Ernesto Guevara on the Harley-Davidson 16
These are the Harleys with which we will explore Cuba.

It's almost starting, we've chosen the Harley and we want to start the next day. I took the Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob , otherwise I always ride the big tourers and luckily my luggage will be in the car, a good opportunity to go on tour Dyna Street Bob

We spend the next night in the hotel opposite our private accommodation. After a lovely evening at the bar, we look forward to the next day.

The next day we go to Pinar del Rio to the tobacco plantation

We will go Pinar del Rio The selected cigars from this plantation are sold in stores as the legendary Cohiba cigars.

Pinar Del Rio tobacco farm in Cuba
Pinar Del Rio tobacco farm in Cuba

The Cohiba brand only sources its goods from particularly good plantations in Cuba.

But you can read more about that in the second part of the tour.

Travel tip - Who wants to go in 2021?

If you are already enthusiastic about Cuba, I will be flying to Cuba again with two friends in February 2021, we still have 6 places available. The tour goes from Havana to Santiago, there is no other route. Anyone who would like to join us is welcome to join us. Info@harleysite.de

Planned Cuba tour February 2021

PART 2 – Cuba Harley Tour

Pinar del Rio and Vinales

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