Custom RH1250 Harley-Davidson Sportster S 1

Custom RH1250 Harley-Davidson Sportster S by Börjes


Since Börjes American Bikes in Augustfehn , the Harley-Davidson dealer for the Weser-Ems area and the greater Bremen area, delivered Sportster S

Nils Bünermann's workshop team was given the task of creating a custom bike based on the Sportster S. There were no specifications, except that the design should particularly appeal to younger motorcyclists. The sporty note of the Sportster S® should be emphasized.

Since the autumn meeting, known far beyond the region's borders, was just around the corner, everything had to happen very quickly. Nils immediately had a brilliant idea. The production Sportster S lacked a distinctive front end that supported the design of the massive engine and huge wheels. Nils was inspired by an HD LiveWire that was on stage for inspection.

An HD LiveWire mask and a Live Wire headlight were purchased and a required bracket was developed, produced and assembled in our own forge. The round, original HD headlight not only provides a much more masculine look, but also significantly better light output for the driver when driving through the darkness. The windshield optimizes the wind flow for the rider and of course the look, which fits seamlessly into the silhouette of the bike and rounds it off perfectly.

To perfect the design, the rims were coated in a noble bronze color in contrast to the black tires and all engine parts were powder coated in a friendly black.

To ensure that the rear wheel really shows off, a side license plate from Ricks and indicators with a special mounting kit for the Sportster S from Wunderkind were installed at the rear. This underlines the sporty line and makes the rear sexy, says Ole Albrecht mechanic from the Börjes team during assembly.

Hermann Müller (HM Design) from East Frisia was commissioned to do the painting and airbrushing. His job was to underline the lines of the machine with an eye-catching and dynamic-looking paint job. The matt metallic paint creates a wealth of blue nuances and lively shades in sunlight, depending on the incidence of light.

Last but not least, the standard exhaust system had to go. The Börjes team found what they were looking for at ZARD when they were looking for an exhaust system with ABE and a system that was perfectly adapted to the motorcycle design. The complete system fits the Sportster S like a glove, impresses with its beautiful carbon heat shields and a distinctive sound.

The Börjes Custom Bike will be presented for the first time at the 2022 autumn meeting from September 17th. presented in Augustfehn until September 18, 2022. A week later it will be presented at the Route 51 Meeting in Stuhr at Börjes Harley-Davidson Bremen . The bike can then be left in good hands. The Börjes team is asking 27,900 euros for the custom bike based on a new machine. Money well spent in current times.

Photo credit: Harley-Davidson Börjes / Frank Weber

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