Unfortunately, we motorcyclists have no other option than to show our protest against the planned and in some cases already existing driving bans in the form of demonstrations. The CSU is currently trying to get something into the topic, we don't really know whether this is really sustainable, but take a look for yourself, a little further down is the link to the CSU campaign against motorcycle driving bans.

Harleysite is not the organizer of the following demo dates against motorcycle driving bans. If you have an appointment that you would like to enter here, write it as a comment below, or simply send an email to


Motorcycle demo on September 12th, 2020 in Berlin - Attention, masks have been mandatory at demos in Berlin since September 5th, 2020!

Everyone should stick to this so as not to give the government any reason to break up the demonstration! From 11:00 a.m. the Alt-Biesdorf 29 site will be open to demo participants on September 12, 2020.
The starting point is at Frankenholzer Weg 4, 12683 Berlin and starts at 5:00 p.m., at the parking lot in front of the “Theater am Park”. Ext. Web link:
Rolling biker demonstration through Dresden - meeting is Sunday, July 26th, from 10:00 a.m. at Messering 6 in 01067 Dresden, departure through the city is at 11:00 a.m. sharp.
VECHTA - STOPPELMARKT SUNDAY - July 26th, 2020 from 110:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Organizer link:
Frankfurt - Central meeting point 13: until 4:00 p.m. trade fair car park, Rebstock area via the A648:
Biker for Freedom Hessen From 11:00 a.m. from Wiesbaden Nordenstadt, car park at the Globus to Frankfurt -am-main-motorrademon/276017050374180/?ti=cl
Start at 11:00 a.m. at the METRO parking lot, Industriestraße 42 in Gundelfingen near Freiburg
Berlin – Motorcycle demonstration “Freedom is our Religion” 5:00 p.m
Barsbüttel – gathering for the Berlin trip with biker breakfast – departure 12:30 p.m.
Date overview BIFF Biker for Freedom
You can also find further information on the BVDM website
CSU action against motorcycle driving bans

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  1. And what about the Turkish wedding parades, which usually harass the streets with unbearable honking on Fridays to Sundays?
    But the old parties don't dare to do that

  2. Is anyone from the far south traveling to Berlin for the demo on September 12th, 2020? Maybe we can drive together for a bit... DLzG

  3. Hello everyone, I don't understand it either. I'm just being full of shit. The politicians have nothing better to do than ban everything. You have to slowly defend yourself. Motorcycles are a bit of freedom that no one should take away.

  4. My motorcycles have been with me my whole life.
    When the day wakes up, there is so much noise on the agenda that the motorcycles are only a minority, with the exception of the flap exhaust idiots.
    Personally, leaf blowers, chainsaws, trucks, etc. annoy me because they are much louder.
    But seriously, without noise we don't need ears.
    If the 'extremes' are taken out of circulation, then life can go on as normal.

  5. I wonder if they still know what they're doing up there!!
    Motorcyclists should be punished if they are too loud, what about flashy cars and built-in sound systems? We mostly drive outside, they drive through the middle of the city. If then equal rights for everyone. There should be a demonstration in front of the Chancellery if they advise, that would be a measure!!

  6. Demonstrate against the loud weirdos who have nothing else in mind to annoy their fellow human beings with their loud machines on weekends and at night.
    If this stops there will be no driving bans.

    1. There are a lot of important issues that the federal government could work on, but they prefer to ignore them, it's far too tiring.
      Headless, aimless, helpless.

    2. A vehicle is not a pushing vehicle or a standing vehicle, vehicles are meant to be driven on Sundays and public holidays, otherwise it would be a “WF standing vehicle”. Would you like a weekend and public holiday ban on cars? That would make a lot of sense. Think about it!

    3. Mopeds do not operate at night, in bad weather or in winter!
      This is completely far-fetched in my opinion. If this smear campaign were aimed at SUVs, you would say nonsense about SUVs. The planes you fly over my head with on your weekend trip fly all year round!
      The construction company's construction equipment runs all year round,
      but I don't hear a single moped.
      I recommend earplugs, I also have them in my ears for sleeping.

  7. I sit in the truck all week and am happy when I find time to ride my moped at the weekend. Why are we punished for things we didn't commit? Before they try to forbid me from driving my Wing when it suits me, the ladies and gentlemen of politics should first take a look at their own noses and think about the crap they are spewing. Of course it's not right if some bikers are of the opinion that their bikes are so loud that you can hear them from miles away. But I can't punish everyone because of some idiots. Because then we would also have to ban the current government

  8. I was there in Berlin at the demo. We just have to do more. We don't have to put up with everything

  9. But there is something you can do: Avoid technology that makes your motorcycles even louder than they are. And don't speed like crazy where people live. One person's favorite hobby becomes a noise nuisance for another. I'm not a fan of bans, but where technical means are used to increase the burden on those around you just to be louder than the other biker, there seems to be no other option.

  10. Hello, all I know is that if it happens that we are no longer allowed to drive on Sundays and public holidays, my wife and I will give up our favorite hobby and sell the mopeds! Since we don't have much time to drive during the week! But that's interesting Our superiors don't! This is something that also makes a difference in the lives of moped drivers! I would also like to take part in a demo like this, but unfortunately they are all too far awake!

  11. Slowly, people in Germany are only talking about crazy people, with politicians leading the way and salivating behind them who have no opinion of their own. But that's Germany paying and being thrown bans. The politicians do not feed the people. These are like maggots in bacon, what do I care about the others, as long as they are fine.

  12. I'm not a motorcycle rider...and yes, I've flinched when one or two of them rushed past me loudly.
    But honestly, that's the exception!
    When I hear the squeaking and noise coming from so many ultimately annoys me more.

  13. It's not necessarily the ones up there, look left and right. Maybe they are your neighbors, some pedal riders or eco-freaks, and they have a lobby. And they want to lure them as votes

  14. We are bikers who only ride on weekends. At least everyone can only ride on weekends and they want to prohibit us from doing that

  15. The driving ban will
    cause the catering industry to weaken again, which will then
    also cost additional jobs
    Workshops and
    motorcycle dealers will also be negatively affected.
    Strange attitude of

  16. I think it's really stupid...
    That the quiet ones have to pay because a few crazy people have to paralyze. But our politicians have to patronize us again. The problem in Germany is that we put up with everything.

  17. What does it look like? Isn't there something going on in the Upper Palatinate too? The others are a bit far away.

  18. They don't have anything more important to do up there than to annoy the citizens more and more. Tax increases, driving bans, etc. People, it's time to fight back. Get out of the H

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