Daytona Bike Week 2013 in Florida celebrated its 110th anniversary

Flames on Bike at Daytona Bike Week
Flames on Bike at Daytona Bike Week

It got busier every day in Daytona , the bikes got nicer every day and the girls seemed to like dancing on the tables. Following the Kojote Ugly example, they go full throttle here and spread a great atmosphere.
Many good live bands are at the start, the level is impressive.

Everything is free of charge, the only thing that's no good here is the food, it's all kind of soggy, but what the heck, you can put up with it, at least there's a stand where you can get fries.

The bear is raging on Main Street Reeperbahn in Hamburg during Harley Day's will be fine here.

Harley Davidson logo projector
Harley Davidson logo projector

Mega crazy bikes and a big bunch of wild Harley bikers cavort on Main Street in Daytona , one kettle louder than the other and you're the big star if the bike has lots of LEDs installed.

Apparently it doesn't work without them anymore, the Americans have missed the trend when it comes to cars, you only see the LEDs on German imported vehicles, but this type of lighting is apparently a must on the Harley.

The latest highlight is projecting the Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield logo onto the ground, yes, you can do it! The highlight was a bike where everything except the frame glowed, as if the whole bike had been dipped in phosphorus, it looks like a moving lamp...

Girl at Daytona Bike Week
Girl at Daytona Bike Week

Bikers come from all over the world to take part in this spectacle. That's how it should be, this year's 110th anniversary needs to be celebrated properly, and that's how we start 2013 in Daytona !

There's a lot more to come, as you can see in the calendar, Hamburg, Rome, Sturgis, Milwaukee and Faak , to name a few important ones.

Even if you can't even think about driving in good Germany , it's starting soon here too and I think the photos from Daytona will get you in the mood.

pictures in the gallery or in the Harleysite Facebook albums.

I wish you a clean season, according to the motto “Let's Ride…”

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