Demo Rides European Bike Week 2023

The demo rides, adventure tours and guided tours for the European Bike Week 2023

At the European Bike Week 2023 Harley-Davidson again offer the demo rides, Pan America adventure tours and, under the leadership of the HOG Chapter Carinthia, the guided tours.

You can or should register in advance for the respective tours during the European Bike Week

Registering for the demo rides is not only more convenient online, but you can choose exactly the machine you want to ride, as long as it is still available at the time you want.

Demo rides for European Bike Week 2023

Eighteen Harley-Davidson models from the 2023 model year are available for test drives. It could even be that a very special Harley-Davidson comes along unexpectedly. But that will be a very hot story to get to. test rides on different bikes , you are welcome to do so. The demo rides are free of charge, take the opportunity to form your own opinion about the driving experience of different Harleys. The demo rides are offered at the well-known location, Bahnhofstrasse, at the corner of Seeufer Landstrasse in Faak am See. (ext. Link: Google Map )


Demo rides for the European Bike Week at Faaker See 2023
Demo rides for the European Bike Week at Faaker See 2023


Have you never had the pleasure of riding off-road, or are you already an off-road rider and want to try the Harley-Davidson Pan America™?

Pan America Instructor Ralle
Harley-Davidson Pan America Off-Road Instructor Ralle

This 45 minute session could be exactly what you're looking for! Under the expert guidance of an experienced Harley-Davidson off-road instructor, you'll receive the necessary equipment, a thorough introduction to the motorcycle's handling, and the opportunity to ride through the exciting Fun Adventure Zone.

Don't forget to show up at the Adventure Zone on time with your driver's license and your booking confirmation!

THE PAN AMERICA ADVENTURE EXPERIENCE – 2 Hour Test Ride – Harley-Davidson Adventure Zone

Do you want to experience the adventure of off-road driving and get to know the capabilities of the Pan America™ first hand? This two-hour tour, accompanied by an experienced instructor, offers you the chance to discover the full potential of this versatile motorcycle.

Pan America Instructor Ralle
Harley-Davidson Pan America Off-Road Instructor Ralle

After a detailed briefing by an expert, you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the Pan America™ in the Adventure Zone. Then you hit the road and continue to a nearby gravel pit where you can test the motorcycle's off-road capabilities. After returning to the Adventure Zone, you will have time to reflect on your experiences and discuss your progress.

This experience is suitable for all motorcyclists with a valid driver's license, regardless of experience level or off-road knowledge. The tour is individually tailored to you, and the required off-road protective clothing is provided by the HD team.

Don’t forget to arrive at the Adventure Zone on time with your driving license and booking confirmation.

European Bike Week at Lake Faaker See
European Bike Week at Lake Faaker See

Guided tours with the HOG Chapter Carinthia

This year the HOG Chapter Carinthia is once again running three great tours as part of the European Bike Week. There is a comprehensive report with all the information about the tours on offer here on the Harley site, which you can read here

The tours are offered free of charge, you don't have to be a HOG member to go, the chapter offers the tours openly. If you would like to book directly, you can do so in the Harley-Davidson booking portal. (Link)

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