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Harley-Davidson Fashion Sylt ( clothing only)

Harley-Davidson Fashion Sylt is one of the few fashion shops in the country. Fashion Sylt has a large range of merchandise and motor clothing. In the shop on Elisabethstrasse in Westerland, you would not immediately discover the actual offer, because Fashion Sylt is usually an exhibitor at the big Harley-Davidson events.

Therefore, many people who have never been to Sylt before know what Sylt has to offer. Under normal circumstances, the Sylt Summertime Party takes place in spring and is often fully booked months in advance. During the event, Sylt is the island of Harley fans for a week, as they come to the island well before the event. A visit to the Fashion Store Westerland is part of Harley fans' agenda every time they visit the island, and not just because of the dealer T-shirt.

  • Harley-Davidson Fashion Sylt & information about the Summertime Party 2021

Elisabethstraße 3 25980 Westerland

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