American Elite – Dunlop launches new cruiser tires

· Multi-Tread technology on the rear wheel for more grip and higher mileage
· More stability and more neutral steering behavior thanks to technologies from the sports touring sector
· Selected dimensions available as white wall tires

Hanau, Hegnau, Vienna, April 2016 - Drivers of large American tourers and cruisers from brands such as Harley-Davidson , Victory and Indian are also increasingly developing a penchant for tires that guarantee them extra grip and are good for the handling of their sometimes heavy machines - and clearly noticeable. At the same time, they don't want to compromise on the well-known high mileage. Dunlop is now taking this into account with a new cruiser tire, the American Elite.

Dunlop has equipped the rear tire with Multi-Tread technology. It therefore has a more resistant rubber compound for the center of the tread and a softer compound towards the shoulders.

As a result, the new tire boasts a remarkably high level of grip in dry and wet conditions in this segment and maintains its first-class performance over many thousands of kilometers with a high level of driving comfort. Technologies adapted from sport touring tires are reflected in high stability and more neutral steering behavior. Dunlop offers the new American Elite in nine dimensions for the front wheel and in 13 dimensions for the rear wheel. In addition, selected sizes especially for classic bikes are also available as white wall tires or with a narrow white stripe.

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