European Bike Week Event Video DVD 2014

Who doesn't know the professional event videos from Biker Lifestyle TV? Gerd Scheidel and his team go to the best events every year and produce DVDs of the events that you can order in his shop. The film shows the best scenes from the European Bike Week 2014. Despite bad weather, over 100,000 bikers found their way to the largest Harley meeting in Europe. Whether in the Arneitz Custom Village, in the Harley Village or in the new Area 1, there were good parties and cool custom bikes to be seen everywhere. Of course they were on the road around Lake Faaker See , great interviews about the top bikes and background information on the construction of the bikes, as always exciting and informative, as you would expect from Gerd Scheidel.

And of course they were out in front of one of the big stages with great bands every evening and made their own film recordings.

Of course, interesting interviews with visitors and scene types are not missing, as is the big parade on Saturday, which was, as always, a highlight despite the unsettled weather.

Highlights are also the aerial photos with the new drone, with which they took really spectacular photos from the air, plus a great soundtrack by Jimmy Cornett as background music rounds off the DVD.

Now on DVD in the Biker Lifestyle TV online shop at

DVD, Dolby Digital, 105 minutes, retail price €19.90


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