Here we go again, the European Bike Week 2015 is in position to start!

Harley Snow 4Harley-Davidson authorized dealer at Faaker See As the largest Harley meeting , it is also in the front row in terms of popularity among Harley riders; depending on the weather, between 70,000 and 130,000 bikers come to the very popular Faaker See.

The event is taking place in the Carinthian district for the 18th time and turns the area around Villach inside out, around the lake the Seeufer Landstrasse will be made one-way again from Tuesday, then the motorcycles their beloved route around the beautiful area again around the clock Faak Lake. It's pure madness, it's rare to see so many beautiful Harleys in one place, visitors come to Austria from all over the world to celebrate the party extensively from September 8th to 13th.

From Tuesday the Harley Village will be ready for you, many manufacturers will be standing by, presenting their latest products and answering your questions, especially about the new emissions regulations next year, there are many questions about who else will grab it now, whether it's the new Harley, or the exhaust, may still be able to enjoy some advantages.


Bike Show-Faaker-See-114

Many Harley-Davidson dealers are on site, a mecca for T-shirt fans, the selection of cool Harley S-shirts is indescribable.

But what many people particularly look forward to every year is the bike show , where the premier class from all over the world meets! Only the best take the big trophies home with pride at the end. The bikes are worked on many months in advance, because they have to be able to ride their way to the coveted stage, otherwise it's nothing!

Unfortunately, some thieves are also magnetically attracted every year, people watch out for each other at the campsites, so-called snatchers often try to get into the tents quickly without being noticed and take everything that has value with them. Last year, Harleys worth over 200,000 euros were stolen. But in relation to the number of visitors everything is fine, every year there are police checks because of thefts, speed and phone measurements are also checked, but that can also happen to you in Hamburg , you are now used to it at major events.

Harley Snow 9People complain everywhere, but they are all happy to collect the millions that we bikers bring into the region. Recently there was a discussion about whether Harley's would be allowed to park on the market square in Villach, we'll see if anything comes of it.

But so far you still have the impression that you are welcomed by the population at Lake Faaker See, the event has now even expanded to Velden, the catchment area is getting bigger and more interesting!


To briefly summarize what we Harley riders have to offer at Bike Week!

Lots of food! Great bars with lots of live music! Big stage with live acts! The latest Harley models you can touch! Alcohol, brides, merchandise, bike shows, fantastic Harley conversions and last but not least, breathtakingly beautiful routes to ride a Harley and that's why we're all here!  

Harley VillageWith so much on offer, it's clear why the event is so successful every year, but unfortunately the weather is always a bit unpredictable, from great sunshine to torrential rain, but this year the prospects look quite good so far ! 

The highlight is the big Harley-Davidson parade on September 12th, it starts at Lake Faak and goes back via Villach around Lake Ossiacher to Lake Faak. 

Let's see what awaits us this year, the photos will be uploaded regularly here and on Facebook, with a bit of luck you'll be in the photos...



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Posted by Harleysite on Monday, September 7, 2015


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