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News about European Bike Week 2022

European Bike Week 2022 is slowly coming ! There are some changes this year, but as previously reported, Harley-Davidson ramp up its presence at Lake Faak again in 2022.

A few fewer exhibitors are expected, but with thirteen Harley-Davidson dealers on site, this is a familiar sight. Nevertheless, they probably have to save money, so this year the main stage has moved to the Harley Bar. The EXPO area with the current Harley-Davidson be found on the former site of the stage.

European Bike Week 2022 Poster Faak

Harley-Davidson authorized dealer from Germany

Harley-Davidson Fashion Store from Sylt will travel to Lake Faaker See with its wide range of Harley-Davidson products. Harley-Davidson Hamburg, Rhein-Neckar, HD Würzburg and the Harley Factory Group will also be among the German dealers. The Harley Factory Group will bring an unusual bike, or rather a very unusual one!

It would be nice if Harley-Davidson also pulled something out of the hat, the model from the 2022 Icon series is somehow overdue. Last year, Harley-Davidson reported that we could expect a model from the Icon series every year. Although very few people can buy a model from this series, people would still like to see it live and the opportunity at Lake Faaker See would be a good opportunity.

Ford is a Harley-Davidson partner at Lake Faaker See for the first time

To the left of the HD Expo is Ford, as a new partner of Harley-Davidson with its current pick-up models Raptor and Ranger, the e-theme is served with the Mustang Mach3. The brand new Ford Bronco is to be presented at Lake Faak.

The new Ford Bronco 2022

The European Bike Week overview map

This is the current map of the European Bike Week 2022. Here you can see what we can find where in Harley Village this year. We think the biggest change is in the area of ​​the HD Platz, where the stage used to be. Well, I think we'll accept that, but entry will remain free.

The overview map for the European Bike Week 2022
The overview map for the European Bike Week 2022

The official program of the European Bike Week 

The official Harley-Davidson program for the European Bike Week will only be available via app and not as a flyer. in the app “The Enthusiast” ( Apple ) ( Google ) about a week before the event.

Visiting from Milwaukee?

It is still a rumor that Bill Davidson will be at Lake Faaker See this year, but the chances are very good.


The music program for the European Bike Week
The music program for the European Bike Week

Tuesday to Thursday: 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. live music - DJ music until 1:00 a.m.

Friday and Saturday: 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m

The party takes place in the Harley Village in the area of ​​the Harley Bar and the Saloon Bar. Not to forget that the Italians with their Vida Loca Bar are also on the HD Plaza.

European Bike Week Parade

The European Bike Week Parade will take place as usual on Saturday September 10th. It is one of the largest motorcycle parades in all of Europe. The line-up will probably be on Rosentalstrasse from Latschach again.

Harley-Davidson Bike Show

The European Bike Show will take place as usual. On Friday, September 9th in the customizer area. This year the bike show is sponsored by Metzeler .

A selection of the new Custom Factory Paint models from the APEX series is expected at European Bike Week

The plan is to exhibit a selection of the new APEX CUSTOM FACTORY PAINT MODELS 2022 in the HD Expo area. However, they are still on the sea route and, if everything goes well, you can see some of them at the European Bike Week. In any case, there seems to be a lot of interest in the APEX Factory series.

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#Label link to the post of APEX CUSTOM FACTORY PAINT MODELS 2022,

The Carinthia Chapter Tours

If you would like to take part in the chapter's tours, you should definitely register with the Carinthia Chapter in good time. The tours are in high demand and book up quickly. You can assume that everything is very well organized. The tours start opposite Harley Village, at the gas station at Faaker See,

European Bike Week Carinthia Chapter Tours 2022

September 7th – Country Sense Tour

A tour through the beautiful landscapes of Carinthia.

Müller Motorcycles Hydro Clutch

September 8th – Dawn Well Tour

A demanding and demanding tour across the Austrian border to Slovenia.

September 9th – Advantage

A pleasant and relaxing tour through the Lower and Central Carinthia regions.

You can find further information about the Carinthia Chapter tours here.

Harley-Davidson test drives

The Harley-Davidson test drives will take place in 2022 at the well-known place, above the train station on Lake Faak. The link for online reservation will follow one week before the start of the event. Since this year you can reserve the bike online and all you have to do is show your driver's license on site, so you can ride exactly the bike that you reserved online. Around 50 to 60 Harley-Davidson motorcycles from the current model range will be available for free test rides.

Serial 1 test drives

Harley-Davidson will set up a Serial 1 e-bike area. The Serial 1 e-bike model range can be test driven there. The company LiveWire from the USA will also be presenting the LiveWire electric motorcycle for the first time in Europe.

The main stage

The main stage will not be there as usual in 2022, the party will take place in the Saloon Bar and the Harley Bar. The HD Stage is now in the Halrey Bar tent. This decision, or saving, is a real surprise. Now we know that the Vida Loca Bar can also create a good atmosphere, it will be there in the HD Plaza.

One-way street regulation

According to current information, the one-way street regulation at Lake Faaker See will be set up as usual from Tuesday.


Gödersdorf - Faaker See, Ledenitzen - Faaker See, Ossiacher See - Villach and around Faaker See were previously part of the route - According to current information, the bus shuttle will run again according to plan. As of August 11, 2022

Breakdown service – European Bike Week

If you have a problem with your Harley-Davidson during European Bike Week, there will be a small service point next to the gas station at Faaker See, opposite the event site. Smaller repairs can be carried out on site at the service point. If it is something larger, there is a bike shuttle to the Harley-Davidson dealer Motodrom in Klagenfurt.

If you have any problems, you will be helped from there. Telephone: +43 463 33115 – Lodengasse 23, 9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee – Austria

Harley-Davidson Hamburg South May 2023

Velden am Wörthersee 

Event in Velden will no longer be as we knew it!

A lot is expected to change in Velden this year. According to current information, there will be less going on there, or let's put it this way, they would like to have fewer motor events there in general. We'll have to wait and see, I wouldn't put too much hope that everything will stay the same. According to Harleysite information, the city of Velden am Wörthersee does not provide any public areas to the organizer. Without these spaces, everything actually changes.

It's clear that there are only some private properties with dealer stands, we'll have to see what happens there. The restaurant will be open, so you can still take a detour to Velden. It is not yet known what the new traffic regulations will look like during European Bike Week; the request to the mayor is still ongoing.


The European Bike Week will take place from September 6th to 11th, 2022 at Lake Faak in Austria.

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Further information can be found in the Harleysite event area

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