European Bike Week Faak am See 2009

at Lake Faak 2009On Saturday night there was still a fear of literally drowning; in some cases there was over 200 liters of water per square meter in the region. Since Saturday the sun has been shining again and everything is perfect again. The European Bike Week started on Saturday on the Arneitz grounds, and the Harley Village begins its program on Tuesday.

A lot of beautiful custom bikes can be seen in Arneitz, more than last year in terms of feeling, but in any case even more beautiful, better, more curious. The trip to Austria is also worth it this year.



Harley meet again , you can hear all the languages ​​again and everyone somehow understands each other. It's something special to be there.

Great custom bikes are available, all ready for the AME Show.

The first pictures can be seen in the picture gallery and it is constantly being filled with new pictures from the European Bike Week . Please take a look often if you don't have the time to come to Faak yourself.



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