We came here to party

From September 3rd to 8th, the European Bike Week attracted 100,000 motorcycle fans to Lake Faak

·      Europe's largest motorcycle party fascinates visitors from all over the world

·      2014 Harley-Davidson models are a topic of conversation

·      Asia and the Leningrad Cowboys rock the stage with 18 other bands

·      Largest motorcycle parade on the continent with around 25,000 machines

Every year at the end of August, the area along the Seeufer Landesstraße in the small Carinthian village of Faak is transformed with great regularity into an entertainment Eldorado for motorcycle fans.

Large event tents, a huge open-air stage and numerous stands will be built on an area of ​​around 40,000 m²: the Harley Village. In the first week of September the time has come: the European Bike Week starts.

In 2013, the masses flocked to Faak - on two and four wheels, by plane, bus or on foot - to Harley-Davidson 's 110th birthday and to celebrate that free spirit , which only the brand from Milwaukee exudes. There were around 100,000 in 2013 and they enjoyed the unique atmosphere for which Faak is famous in consistently sunny temperatures. Relaxed, you set off on tours in the alpine surroundings or simply gave in to the general party mood.

Finally, there was a celebration around the lake, the sound of around 75,000 V-Twins mixed in the party locations with that of electric guitars and a babble of Babylonian languages, because the guests now come to Faak from all continents.

30HD13 European_Bike_Week_Review_1In the heart of the event, the Harley Village , the atmosphere was once again simmering. 23 authorized Harley-Davidson dealers from Austria, Germany and Italy as well as over 50 independent traders ensured that you could buy everything that corresponds to the biker lifestyle custom bikes .

In the large expo tent right next to the stage, the latest 2014 models from Harley-Davidson - above all the new "Rushmore" touring generation - offered plenty to talk about. If you wanted to get on and get going right away, you could simply book one of the free test ride appointments, while motorcycle fans without a license got their eyes lit up on an authentic driving simulator. presented in the customizer area by internationally renowned motorcycle refiners such as Rick's and Thunderbike There was one eye-catcher next to the others at the custom bike show on Friday.

The employees of more than 30 catering stands took care of the physical well-being of the guests, and people chilled out in the evening at the bar counters. People danced to live gigs in the large tents Hot Dot Café, Harley Bar and Choppers Bar until late into the night. 20 bands, including the British supergroup Asia and the iconic Leningrad Cowboys from Finland, shone on the open air stage.

Following the motorcycle fair on Saturday, the big parade around Lake Ossiach and Faaker Lake once again the highlight of the event.

Thousands of onlookers lined the streets and cheered on the bikers, who set a visual and acoustic accent on more than 25,000 machines.

Of course the party will continue next year: European Bike Week 2014 will take place from .

If you miss it, it's your own fault! Further information is available at: www.hogeuropegallery.com/ebw .

Text & photos: Copyright Harley-Davidson Austria 2013

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