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Harley-Davidson Meeting Ruhrpott 2024

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Harley-Davidson Meeting Ruhrpott 2024

House of Flames Anniversary Party in Ulm

4th of August @ 10:00 18:00

Harley-Davidson Meeting Ruhrpott 2024

The Harley-Davidson Meeting Ruhrpott will take place on August 4, 2024 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the grounds of the LWL Industrial Museum Henrichshütte Hattingen .

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Harley-Davidson Meeting Ruhrpott 2024 21

At one of the most spectacular locations in North Rhine-Westphalia, HD Pfeiffer, HD Motomaxx Hagen, HD Motomaxx Remscheid, HD Motomaxx Bochum and HD Thunderbike present the Harley Meeting Ruhrpott at the LWL Industrial Museum Henrichshütte adventure world in Hattingen.

Mainstreet with more than 50 customizers and shops around the theme of Harley, live music & DJ, drinks & food, airbrush, photo sessions with Dreamgirl & Boys, new Harley fashion, free test rides of the current HD models, bike show by Easyriders, adventure world LWL - Henrichshütte Industrial Museum on 70,000 square meters!

A great location

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Harley Meeting LWL Industrial Museum Henrichshütte Hattingen

Experience the myth of STAHL MEETS BIKE at a unique location, the entry with the bikes under the old blast furnaces alone is pure goosebumps. 

Another highlight is the ride in the glass elevator up the 70 meter high blast furnace, a breathtaking view of the entire event area!!
Free parking spaces for bikes on the event site and over 2,000 parking spaces (free of charge) on the event site!

Bike show – Harley-Davidson Meeting Ruhrpott

Bike show Harley-Davidson Ruhrpott Meeting 2023
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Harley-Davidson Meeting Ruhrpott 2024 Bike Show

–> Best of Show

–> Best Custom Paint

–>Best dealer bike

–>Best Softail

–>Best Female Bike (1st, 2nd, 3rd place)

–>Best old school

–>Best excavator

–>Best Sportster

Contact person for registration:
Detlef (DELLE) Kampf, email: det82@aol.de , telephone: 0178 4141150
JIMMY NAKAMURA, email: info@pool-position , telephone: 0172 9566466


  • Matthias Hirsch (Custom Chrome Europe)
  • Sandra Dahl (HARLEY GIRLS NRW)
  • Marc Lisowski (Ruhrpott HARLEYS)
  • Jimmy Nakamura (HD MEETING)
  • Detlef Kampf (HD MEETING)

The winners each receive a voucher from CUSTOM CHROME

Further event information about the Harley Ruhrpott Meeting

The first and most important information is that the event is for early risers. If you think you don't have to go until late in the afternoon, you've already missed the best part and will only see a cloud of dust from Harleys leaving. The whole thing has something of a speed dating experience especially for Harleys. Before 10:00 a.m. the event area is still quiet, the exhibitors are ready and you can see this tumbleweed blowing through the streets like in an old western and at 10:00 a.m. sharp, everything changes.

Pictures from the Ruhrpott Meeting in Hattingen

Jekill & Hyde Harley Davidson

A very unusual and good event

You actually have to experience it yourself when the big iron gate is pushed open on time and things get started. The Harleys are lined up in front of the gate waiting to be let in, which is basically an event in itself. Then the Harleys are let in in groups so that everyone can park in peace and there is no chaos. If you want to get in quickly, you should have the VIP express check-in card in your pocket. Within the first few hours the area is almost full; there is a temporary stop to entry if it is too full. That's why you should get up early because it's definitely worth it.

What sets the event apart!

Basically, events that charge admission have a difficult time, it feels different here. Five euros from the entrance fee goes to the museum, the location is really something very special, that's why it's worth it. It's “only” a one-day event, but well-known exhibitors from all over the country still drive up, something I've never experienced before. In addition to the three Harley-Davidson authorized dealers, Pfeiffer, MotoMaxx and Thunderbike, the Factory Group Hannover was on site with LiveWire for the first time in 2022.

There will be over 50 exhibitors from the scene on this day at the Harley Meeting Ruhrpott event site. From exhaust systems to jewelry, helmets, headlights and chassis, everything is included.

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Harley-Davidson Meeting Ruhrpott 2024 23

Is the long journey worth it?

I would say that if you still have vacation days left and the weather is at least halfway along, you should take in the atmosphere and the extraordinary event. The event runs at full throttle for around 5 hours, during which time you have to have seen all the Harleys that drive up there and there are a lot of really nice machines. The location is also great for taking pictures of your own bike, with a beautiful background from the old industrial museum.

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Harley-Davidson Meeting Ruhrpott 2024 24

two nights in a hotel and simply cruise through the Ruhr area for a weekend, or visit the Thunderbike Store 90 kilometers further away. There are definitely beautiful routes in the Ruhr area.

Advance ticket sales (2023 prices)

I would recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to get a ticket in advance should do so; you will get to the site more quickly.

You can get the tickets from Harley-Davidson Pfeiffer in Kamen, MotorMaxx in Bochum, or Hagen, Thunderbike Hamminkeln, or directly from the organizer Klaus Fröhlich Mail: info@kf-entertainment.de

ADVANCE SALE VIP-EXPRESS – CHECK IN: €12.00 including parking on the event site (until the end of May)


Box office (2024 prices)

Box office: €15.00 including parking on the event site (if there is free capacity)

Box office for pedestrians: €12.00

Children born in 2010 and older are free

(All prices include €5.00 museum entry and free use of the new glass elevator).

Out of consideration for your dogs’ health! No entry

Reserve your accommodation here now!

Event Gallery Image Credit: Harleysite

Accommodation overview map in Hattingen


15€ Entrance fee at the box office

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