Fehmarn Days of American Bikes 2022 1
Harley-Davidson Hamburg North

Fehmarn Days of American Bikes 2022

This year's Fehmarn Days fell somewhat short of expectations despite actually good biker weather. There was very little going on on Friday and at times it was full on Saturday, but the length of time the bikers stayed there was better. It is difficult to say why this was the case.

The days before there were some severe weather warnings in the weather reports, which fortunately didn't come to fruition here in the higher north, so that will certainly have also contributed to this.

Harley-Davidson House of Flames

Fewer people from the surrounding area were traveling on the island, mostly from Hamburg or even further. One problem was certainly the problem with accommodation; those who had a long journey and wanted to spend a long weekend on the island often only found offers for 7 days or very expensive rooms.

There are still a lot of tourists on the island, which explains the matter. In any case, there was still room for improvement, let's see what happens this Sunday and see if a few more bikers make their way to Fehmarn.

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