Fehmarn American Bike Days

Fehmarn on Friday and Saturday

UPDATE - Sunday - Sunday was almost like Saturday, at lunchtime there were more Harleys on the island than the previous days, but it remained quiet and relaxed. The state police probably had more to do in Berlin when it came to administrative assistance than to worry about Fehmarn. According to a previous request, it was announced that the event and compliance with the Corona rule would be monitored. Afterwards you can say that you only saw them drive through once and that there was no reason to check. As seen the previous days, many foreigners arrived again and enjoyed a few beautiful days on the island! Have lots of fun with it!

UPDATE - Saturday - Today too everything was quiet and there was no crowd, the race management wasn't seen at all.

There are actually no American Bike Days on Fehmarn this weekend. But of course there are a few Harleys on the island and everything was quiet on Friday. As always, it was hard to get a seat in the cafes, and anyone who had a seat could occasionally see a few Harleys driving by.

The uninvolved holidaymakers noticed that there were a noticeable number of Harleys on the island; we were asked about it straight away when we were about to leave. And once you've started talking like that, by the time you drive home you're done with it; hunger suddenly pulls you like a magnet to the next restaurant.

Everything was fine in Burg, there was a lot going on at Wisser's, but there wasn't really much action at the few stands that were there.

Things will certainly look different on Saturday, the mayor wanted to come up with something about parking, we'll see.
In any case, the state police will be keeping everything under observation, as I was told on Thursday. Of course it's about the Corona regulation, you should stick to the rules. That probably shouldn't be the problem, I'm assuming that they only come into the picture when everything on the market goes haywire.

In any case, the weather should cooperate and if everyone shows a little consideration, it will probably go well.

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