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Dyna Fat Bob donated by Harley-Davidson is being auctioned off to benefit a school project in Afghanistan

• “Fight for Peace” wants to build a journalism school in Afghanistan
• Journalist Boris Barschow competes in a charity boxing match against WBO boxing world champion Hamid Rahimi
Harley-Davidson is supporting the campaign with a Dyna Fat Bob, which will be auctioned off for the good cause can

What motivates a seasoned TV journalist to take on a merciless fight with a professional boxer? Boris Barschow is the name of the 46-year-old who is taking on this risk. He became known for his reports on the Bundeswehr mission in Afghanistan and, as editor-in-chief of the NATO newspaper “Sada-e Azadi Newspaper” (“Voice of Freedom”), got to know a country that was as divided as it was lovable at the ISAF headquarters in Kabul.

Back in Germany, he decided to support the people of the Hindu Kush in their fight for peace, wrote a book about his experiences, started an Afghanistan blog and hatched an idea: If free journalism would contribute to educating the population, The chances of ethnic or religious fanaticism could decrease and the prospect of peace could be strengthened.

Boris decided to build a journalism school in Kabul in collaboration with the German-Afghan University Society and to collect the necessary money through a spectacular charity boxing match: On November 15, 2013, he will compete in Hamburg against the reigning WBO intercontinental champion and WBU world champion Hamid Rahimi, Afghan and idol in his homeland. Up to 450 euros are offered per hit that the professional has to take. The crazy idea called “Fight4Peace” quickly took shape.

Boxing legend Rüdiger May agreed to get the complete beginner fit for the ring, Afghan television stations are planning to broadcast the show fight live, one of the most renowned training institutes for press representatives, the “German Journalism School in Munich”, took over the sponsorship, and Harley-Davidson was involved A motorcycle manufacturer has now committed to the powerful project: Harley-Davidson Germany GmbH donated a 2013 Dyna Fat Bob, which can be auctioned off to benefit the good cause - 1690 cubic meters, 132 Newton meters, matt black and as evil as it is with its athletic appearance and double headlights it's befitting a boxing fan's bike.

“Our brand stands for freedom like no other manufacturer,” explains Marketing Director Frank Klumpp, “but values ​​such as peace and freedom are by no means self-evident. We just got used to them. It’s worth standing up for.”

If you want to see how Boris did in the first exhibition fight against Raab quiz boxing champ Christoph Teege and how you can support “Fight4Peace” and buy Harley


Copyright photo & text: Harley-Davidson Germany GmbH

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