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A bit of peace

Fight4Peace is auctioning off a Dyna Fat Bob to benefit a school project in Afghanistan

• A journalist and a boxer get involved in a journalism school

Harley-Davidson donates a motorcycle to the peace project • The machine is auctioned off on the web to the highest bidder

Boris Barschow, German journalist and Afghanistan blogger, and Hamid Rahimi, German-Afghan professional boxer and reigning “Global Boxing Council” world champion, have come up with something to help the people of the Hindu Kush. The idea: Education and free journalism can help overcome barriers between religions and ethnic groups and create peace in Afghanistan. Therefore, together with the German-Afghan University Society, the two of them want to set up independent journalism training at the University of Kabul.

In order to raise the money for this, they organized
Hamburg November 15, 2013 , a boxing match in which every hit by the committed rookie Boris against the experienced champ Hamid was converted into cold hard cash for a good cause.

Harley-Davidson liked the powerful idea so much that they spontaneously donated a Dyna Fat Bob from their own fleet to the boxing peace activists. The 2013 model year motorcycle has just 6,342 kilometers on the clock and is in immaculate original condition. 1,690 cubic centimeters distributed over two powerful, air-cooled cylinders ensure a torque of 132 Newton meters and an output of 58 kW (79 hp). Add to that the aggressive look in matt black with a low seat, slotted cast disc wheels and double headlights on the massive fork... that's what a boxing fan's bike looks like!

Harley-Davidson House of Flames

This machine is now being auctioned off to benefit Boris and Hamid's big project. If you want to get your hands on an almost brand new Dyna Fat Bob in the classic 2013 look, you've come to the right place! The minimum bid is 13,500 euros, and every cent goes towards building the journalism school. Below you can find out how the Harleys are auctioned and in what other ways you can support the Afghanistan project. The current highest bid is also published on the website.

You can increase your bids up to and including January 31, 2014, then the highest bidder will be awarded the contract and can pick up Harley-Davidson Cologne To ensure that the new Harley owner pays at least a second visit to the cathedral city in 2014, the Cologne Harley dealer Karl von Herz invites him to the major Harley Dome Cologne event on May 24th.

Harley-Davidson Germany advises: Get involved - because where else can you become a Harley rider and at the same time get involved in time for Christmas for peace and freedom in a country that urgently needs both?

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Photo credit: Fight4Peace

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