Fire department motorcycle - Pan America 1250 Special from Harley-Davidson

The story – fire department motorcycle Pan America 1250 Special

It's a great story with a sad background. Almost a year ago there was an almost unbelievable flood disaster municipality of Kall , and the Ahr Valley was the focus of the media. However, many neighboring towns were no less severely affected by the flood disaster. Like in Kall, where the fire station next to the small Urft stream, which had turned into a raging river, was hit by the masses of water. You can still smell the humidity in the fire station today.

During the night, the emergency command vehicle had to flee to a hill because the place was flooded. The Kall fire department's previous motorcycle fell victim to the floods. Luckily, Nils Buntrock – Marketing Manager DACH at Harley-Davidson became aware of it and took up the matter with his team.

It took a few months until the vehicle was set up so that the Pan America met the legal requirements for fire engines.

The Fire Department Pan America Story, with interviewees.

The film is about how this idea came about and the mayor talks about some of the dramatic moments during the flood disaster.

Also present: Nils Buntrock – Harley-Davidson, Frank Dreßen from the Kall fire department, Dennis Kaubach from the Harley-Davidson workshop, Daniel Rütz from the Kall fire department, Hermann-Josef Esser, mayor of the municipality of Kall.

The fire brigade's comrades were very happy; it was obviously a successful surprise. We were able to celebrate until late in the evening and also experienced how great the community spirit works.

The carnival club set up a beer stand for the firefighters and the women from the village provided the best cake, nothing was missing and so that everyone can celebrate, the firefighters also help out with the carnival club or the shooting brothers.

As bad as the flood was, it brought the community even closer together; volunteering is and remains an important institution. As I was told, the Kall fire brigade is looking for more members, that's basically the case everywhere, maybe that's an opportunity to take a look at them, by the way, the youth fire brigade is also very active!

The article as a podcast

Kall Fire Department website
Another article about the new fire service vehicle from the Kall fire department

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