The Harleysite regulars' table videocast 2022
First Harleysite regulars' table at Thunderbike

Saturday 7:00 p.m. – First Harleysite get-together at Thunderbike

The Harleysite Stammtisch Premiere – The new videocast / podcast

The Harleysite regulars' table
Saturday 7:00 p.m. - First Harleysite get-together at Thunderbike 47

That was a highlight for the soul this week‼️

Thunderbike has remodeled and expanded its store. There will also be a film coming soon in which Andreas Bergerforth, the founder and owner of HD Thunderbike, takes us through his custom bike forge. But first comes the premiere of the Harleysite Stammtisch, the new podcast / videocast project that I recorded at Thunderbike. Andreas Bergerforth is my first guest, he and his team supported me in implementing my idea in a perfect setting.

The Harleysite regulars' table on YouTube

The result was a conversation in which we talked for about 60 minutes about the history of custom bikes, Harley-Davidson , what Andreas thinks of print media and what I found particularly cool, he gives an insight into his private life and how one Mega company works together with the family.

I hope you like the new project, which is planned to go online at the beginning of next week on the Harleysite YouTube Channel and as a podcast on all streaming providers (Spotify, Google, Amazon, Deezer, Apple, etc.).

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