Orange County Choppers and the band Frei.Wild want to conquer the music and biker scene together 1

Frei.Wild goes America – Together with Orange County Choppers, the band Frei.Wild from South Tyrol now wants to conquer the biker and music scene in America.

The greatest adventures are probably experienced in America, in the country where dreams can still become reality. And just as much of an adventure is just beginning, the band Frei.Wild has written Brotherhood Mikey Teutul from Orange County Choppers and Alex Franco, a musician and songwriter from the USA

Philipp Burger, Alex Franco (left) Mikey Teutul (right)
Philipp Burger, Alex Franco (left) Mikey Teutul (right)

The lyrics, which actually came about out of a beer mood, are taking on more and more shapes, the accompanying melody has something very special and we all like it, so we quickly made video recordings together last week in New York and in the legendary Orange County Choppers made in Newburgh.

We set off completely without a script and great video recordings were produced in the New York underground train.

The New York City Subway has a special atmosphere to offer

The music system of completely surprised street artists was quickly hijacked and the completely surprised artists were included in the video. A short concert in the subway, or simply pulling out your guitar in the middle of New York's Times Square to play the song. It was just a great feeling how the New Yorkers spontaneously took part!

The OCC boss Paul Teutul Sr. got involved in the project, so great recordings were made together with Philipp Burger, the band's lead singer, and Paul Sr. on the chopper.

Philipp Burger and Paul Teutul Sr.
Philipp Burger and Paul Teutul Sr.

In June, the new American Chopper seasons 2018 started in the USA after a year-long break, and here in Germany it starts again on Monday, July 23rd, 2018 at 8:15 p.m. on DMAX . The show will once again be broadcast in over 163 countries around the world and is still one of the most successful reality TV shows in the world today.

We will now push the project forward together, Discovery Channel has filmed parts of the video footage that will probably be shown in one of the episodes in the second new season in 2018.

A great project is currently developing here, which was created simply, freely and wildly to conquer the great continent of unlimited possibilities.

We can't wait to see what's next!
Here we go! Let's Rock and Ride together!

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