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From August 12th to 14th, 2011, the Friendship Ride Germany took place on the Wasserkuppe for a good cause

On other weekends it belongs to aviators and hikers - but once a year it's the bikers' turn on the Wasserkuppe. From August 12th to 14th, 2011 it was that time again: In their search for a break from everyday life, around 20,000 motorcycle and party fans found what they were looking for over the three days, despite the mixed weather - at the Friendship Ride Germany in the Rhön. HOG chapters, motorcycle clubs, young people, families and numerous onlookers made a pilgrimage to Hesse's highest mountain, marveled at the colorful hustle and bustle and were infected by the shiny chrome bikes and the exuberant mood.

It didn't matter whether they came on a Harley, another bike, by car or bus, the Friendship Ride welcomed everyone. People strolled past the stalls offering everything related to the most beautiful hobby in the world, found out about the latest Harley models and fortified themselves with food and drink from the high-quality offerings of the “Rhöner Charme” gastronomic initiative.

Around 300 driving license holders took the opportunity to test drive a new Harley-Davidson . Rainer Schwarz provided breathtaking moments , making the asphalt glow in four hot shows.

The unspoiled and varied “land of open distances” immediately captivated every biker. For a long weekend, the beautiful streets belonged to two-wheelers. It is a matter of honor that the rules of the biosphere reserve were adhered to throughout all of this!

The relaxed evenings were all about good music: Harley-Davidson provided plenty of variety in the form of nine strong bands. Top act Patricia Vonne from the USA thrilled the audience on Saturday. A day later, the motorcycle fans thanked their hosts with a big parade . Around 1,500 bikes took part in the parade to Fulda.

As in the previous two years, the net proceeds from the event are intended for a good cause: 75 percent go to the German Society for Muscle Patients (DGM eV), 25 percent are donated to local charitable organizations. That won't change next year, when it's time again from August 17th to 19th: off to the Friendship Ride Germany on the Wasserkuppe!

Text: Harley Davidson 

Photo: (Photographer Schibäus for Harley-Davidson)

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