Harley-Davidson Hamburg North

From Neustadt / Holstein to Faaker See in Austria

Discovery tour or not, the Sesselhuber from Neustadt in Holstein won't discover anything he doesn't already know! This morning at 8:00 a.m. we set off from Neustadt, the woman got on her 1200 Sportster , picked up three more buddies and then they set off towards Faak am See . Today they covered 800km through the Republic with a few stopovers, the last 150km of which were in the monsoon rain and now they're at the Maier Wirt Hepberg and are tormenting the wheat beer tap.

It continues tomorrow morning, then they ride their fancy Harleys the last 500 km to the European Bike Week in Austria.

Harley-Davidson Aachen Open House 2024

In a week we'll head back north, but it's worth it, this year again many thousands of bikers from all over Europe are expected in the region around Lake Faaker See .

Good Ride!!!


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