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Furtwangen – Motorcycle accident leaves two seriously injured

(Furtwangen Schwarzwald-Baar district July 18, 2021) Motorcycle accident leaves two seriously injured

A motorcyclist caused an accident on Sunday around 2:30 p.m. on federal highway 500. A 57-year-old was traveling with a 56-year-old pillion from Furtwangen towards Kaltenherberg on a Harley-Davidson FL 1. He drove so fast in a right-hand bend that the right crash bar of the heavy motorcycle touched the road. When braking, the machine slipped and landed in a grass verge next to the road.

The driver and passenger suffered serious injuries in the fall and had to be flown to an accident clinic by a rescue helicopter. The motorcycle suffered material damage amounting to around 12,000 euros. The police temporarily closed the federal highway so that the injured could be rescued and treated. Constance Police Headquarters

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