Kölle Goodbye! The Harley Dome Cologne is no longer taking place.

As has now been announced, it is now unfortunately clear that the Harley Dome Cologne will no longer take place. Below you will find the official announcement.

Dear friends of the HDC,

Thank you very much… we thought about it for a long time!
The HDC is our baby and it is very difficult to make a rational decision about a project with which we have felt so emotionally connected over the last few years and with which we have had so much joy and for which we have worked so hard.
There were great moments that made up for all the effort.
We were able to get to know valuable people, guests and partners and work with a great team. The costs for a major event in the city center have increased enormously in recent years, so that we can no longer provide the economic basis for holding it.
After careful consideration and many discussions, we will no longer be organizing the HDC in 2018.
We would like to thank you again for your trust, for the excellent cooperation, for your commitment and your visit!
The Cologne says, you never go completely.
Respect and warm greetings
Ride always free & save
Christoph Kuckelkorn Klaus Eschmann & the whole HDC team

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