Greatest Test Rides 1 | Start of the USA West Coast Tour in Germany

Actually, the ultimate is the Harleywood at Lake Faak , where the show takes place every year, but now the trip is to Hollywood . Everything you have to have with you! Pack your best friend, camera equipment, the new Panono 360° camera , Sony X1000VR action camera Cardo Scarla Rider G9X communication set .

The new AudiogydeMe app is being tested, a Hamburg start-up company has launched this app and we will try it out.

But at the top of the list is, “Try the Tchibo USA West Coast Tour” ! And that's what we're going to do, it's a Harley tour , the hotels are included, as are the Harleys from EagleRider and the flight with a renowned airline.

In our case it's Lufthansa, we take off from Hamburg and get on this giant A380 . This is also the first time for me and I find it really exciting to travel with this big plane.

The big packing!

Lufthansa Airbus A 380 in Frankfurt - Los Angeles
Lufthansa Airbus A 380 in Frankfurt – Los Angeles

But it starts with packing, the main goal is not to take too much with you, T-shirts and many other things can also be bought in America. The helmet is taken with you, but there is also the alternative option of taking the helmet provided EagleRider

The tried and tested Rokker jeans also have to be with you and shorts for the beach are sufficient, so you are well equipped. It comes with a backpack for the equipment and a luggage roll that should be no longer than 1.50m (Lufthansa) and weigh a maximum of 23 kilos, mine only manages 8 kilos, so everything is fine.

The luggage roll must have the smallest possible pack size; you should avoid strapping it to the back on the tour; it is better to stow the things in the suitcase.

There are gangsters who have specialized in using a cutter to loosen and bag exactly these luggage rolls. However, if your things are in the suitcase, there are fewer problems with the insurance if someone breaks it too. However, on our tour we never had an unsafe feeling.

The flight to Los Angeles!

The wide-body plane is definitely a special experience, we will arrive in Los Angeles sometime around lunchtime, the time difference is 9 hours, we will fly a little over 12 hours. Once we get through immigration, we're off!

Part 2

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