#GreatestRides 6 – Italy – Montenegro – Croatia

The last Greatest Rides pictures from Italy, the motto is Discover More.

Fresh, ice-cold water from the mountain stream is the best mountain water he has ever tasted.

Luis was very impressed by the Dolomites, nature at its best, and very good food, he was particularly impressed by the seafood.

Some culture was also in order again, he may have seen a sculpture of Hercules, but he's not entirely sure.

Of course, he can't leave Italy without eating real Italian pizza. He's just incredibly lucky to be able to experience all of this, he also travels away from the main roads; nowhere else can you see more of the country you're driving through.

A quick stop in Rodi Garganico in Italy, where he quickly took a few photos with his iPhone before continuing on Harley-Davidson received Harley

Some more pictures from Bologna! It's a fantastic place, still original old Italian and far away from the tourist crowds. Really, he felt that he got to experience a bit of the real Italy between the alleys full of music and in the local restaurant where they were. A true joy!

June 12th – off to Montenegro

Porto Di Bari
In Bari ready to go to Montenegro!

Now he's taking the ferry across the Adriatic to Montenegro, a country he hasn't heard much about, so he's even more excited about what awaits him there. 

He believes that the trip will show him how unusual the beautiful things he sees in everyday life are on this trip. On the one hand, it is an opportunity for him to see and understand everything that is really important to humanity and what is not.

June 14th from Bar, Montenegro to Dubrovnik in Croatia

After he was able to enjoy his time on the beach in Montenegro, he dutifully visited the Orthodox Estampita Church! But now we're in Croatia, with great beaches and great bike routes, where we'll find out more about his ride on the Harley-Davidson.

Croatia has stunning nature, 8 national parks and 11 nature parks on an area of ​​approx. 4500 km² and the breathtaking mountain ranges for cruising will remain in your memory for a long time, we can be excited about what is to come.

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