Orange County Choppers GTO Bike

The GTO bike is ready - the show will be on Discovery on June 18th on US television.

The GTO bike was finished in time for the deadline, unfortunately not too much can be shown about it before it is broadcast on TV.

On June 18th In 2018, the show with Aykut Tataroglu will be broadcast on Discovery in the USA. Since May 28, 2018, The American Chopper Show can be seen again every Monday at 10:00 p.m. US time on Discovery.

It's crazy what kind of hype there is here in the USA, a photo of the supermodel Bella Hadid just went through the press, where she was photographed wearing a blue OCC hoodie, the top model @bellahadid has over 18 million fans on Instagram .

Where there are many friends, there are also many haters; that is a completely normal game in social media today. The first show deals a lot with the drama between the junior and senior, both of whom now have their own shop where they work.


Paul Sr GTO

The bike was finished at the beginning of April and was presented to the sponsor in Orlando Florida. The customer already has a few more bikes from Orange County Choppers in the garage. A 30 inch front wheel has now been installed in the GTO bike for the first time at OCC. The color and style was supposed to be based on a 1965 GTO, original parts from the GTO were installed in the case, which was a very special task.

You can see everything else in the American Chopper Show on Discovery, but it is not yet clear when the German version will come out.


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