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Hamburg – Autoposer control group removes noisy motorcycles and speeders from traffic 

Officials from the Autoposer control group checked several motorcycles that were noticeable because of their loudness and seized a Harley-Davidson . In addition, a Porsche driver can expect, among other things, a hefty fine for driving too fast on federal highway 5.

In the Eiffestrasse area, the police checked a group of three Harley-Davidson riders who had previously been noticed because of their obviously loud noise. During the inspection, there were indications that changes had been made to the exhaust systems on all three motorcycles, meaning that their operating license expired.

One of the motorcycles was seized for further assessment by an expert because, in addition to the obviously impermissible exhaust system, an impermissible accessory handlebar, a noticeably pointed and therefore impermissible so-called “sissy bar” and a false speedometer display had been installed.

Another Harley driver was checked in St. Georg. Here too, after checking, the officers seized the motorcycle because the driver had installed an electronically controlled flap exhaust system that was operated with a hidden switch, which led to a significant reduction in noise. Instead of the permitted 88 decibels, a measurement actually showed 103 decibels.

The police officers also noticed a Porsche Carrera 4 GTS that drove onto the B5 and then accelerated sharply. Instead of the permitted 80 km/h, a measurement using the ProViDa technology (Proof Video Data) of the civil emergency vehicle showed 150 km/h. The speeding 47-year-old father, who was also transporting his two small children in his 480 hp car, faces a three-month driving ban in addition to a fine of 1,400 euros and two points on the driving fitness register.

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